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The new World Bank Human Capital Index highlights the benefits of investing in health and education, and the dire consequences of leaving people behind.

Check out our awesome range of animal facts for kids and learn some fun trivia about our friends in the animal kingdom
Fun Bat Facts for Kids
Check out our range of fun bat facts for kids. Learn how they see in the dark, what vampire bats feed on and much more. Read on and enjoy a variety of interesting information about bats.
There are over 1000 different bat species.
Bats are nocturnal (active at night).
Bats âseeâ in the dark using…

As a record-breaking 40 million Americans cast their vote early in the midterms, here’s how the US turnout stacks up against other developed countries.

The next generation of mobile infrastructure is supposed to provide everyone with advanced digital services such as virtual reality. But without sharing networks, it may be too expensive

Have giant webs in your trees? Wondering what the insect responsible is? It may suprise you! Visit this page for more info from Clegg's Pest Control

Wondering why there are ants in your dishwasher? Want to get them out? Visit this page for helpful information from Clegg's Pest Control!

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, floodwaters have been the perfect breeding ground for large, aggressive mosquitoes.

We are mosquito control experts. Over 50 years of protecting your living and working environment from pests.

Due to the increased populations of mosquitoes caused by flooding from Hurricane Florence, Governor Roy Cooper today ordered $4 million to fund mosquito control efforts in counties currently under a major disaster declaration.

FSMA has put a greater emphasis on supply chain management, as stricter regulations require food processing facilities to monitor shipments closer than ever.