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The members of
Green Day
are parting ways with a few things in their collection. The punk trio is selling more than 100 pieces of gear through the online gear marketplace
Among the 44 guitars frontman
Billie Joe Armstrong
is putting up for sale include the Harmony Stella Parlor Acoustic Guitar he used to record the...

New patio, large central bar, open-concept kitchen, on-site brewery, showcase kitchen and much, much more.

"It's not the right time," Native American activist Nathan Phillips told the Cincinnati Enquirer about meeting with Covington Catholic students.

EPA has set the biodiesel volumes mandated in the U.S. under the Renewable Fuels Standard and they are once again below current production levels. Michelle R...

Whatever frustrations No. 1 Tea Area had following Saturday's close call against St. Thomas More were taken out on No. 2 Sioux Falls Christian.

Nine high school seniors who have been active in the livestock industry are going to school a little bit richer.

United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX) will issue its fourth quarter 2018 earnings press release on Wednesday, January 23, prior to the stock market opening. A conference call will take place at...

Jim Woster may be retired from the Sioux Falls Stockyards, but that does not mean he has slowed down.

When the flags were removed from the caskets and folded with military precision, there were no family members there to receive them. So, the banners were passed, hand-to-hand, through the crowd. Some mourners wept as they clutched the flags briefly. Others kissed them. But the three...

Interstate Office Products offers the broadest portfolio of products in the industry – unique solutions inspired by our insights and designed to help improve work performance. Based on the information provided, we can assist you to create a highly effective workplace for your people. We aspire to create great experiences wherever work happens. We spend…

One of the most popular events for the Prairie Rangers 4-H Club is underway. The shooting sports season has begun. Members ages 8 to 18 will spend Wednesday, Thursdays and

In verbal imagery, certain words create a clear picture in peoples’ minds. This is because your brain has associated that word with a specific mental image.

is certainly known for being an intense band, but the masked metallers may have taken things up a notch with their upcoming new album.
On his
, drummer
Jay Weinberg
posted a photo of his kit covered in blood. "In case you're wondering what kind of album we're making," he wrote in the caption.
And while the...

The doctor will treat your child's ear infections according to their age and the severity of the condition.

The successful pursuit of Active Wellness revolves around the creation of good lifestyle habits, which goes hand-in-hand with self-development. Active Wellness encompasses mind, body and spirit and…

Hello Sioux Empire Community Theatre Volunteer! Please consider helping SECT out by ushering at the Premier Center! Why? The Orpheum Theater is managed by SMG and they have offered us a substantial rental discount if we can provide volunteers to events at the Premier Center
Want to sign up? Here's what you need to know. (Click here for the volunteer manual)
This event is located at the Denny Sanford Premier Center and volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Health care leader began career as a nurse and now oversees all clinics and hospitals in the Fargo market.