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A Kingdom Divided Against Itself
I’m often asked, when speaking on the topic of Islam, why Muslims kill each other. A day rarely goes by without a suicide bomber killing fellow Muslims. Shiite and Sunni factions appear to hate each other as much as they do the West. The enmity between them is not a recent development, but rather the result of a schism nearly as old as Islam itself
Conflict between Shiites and Sunnis has existed since the 7th century. Because Mohammed…

Western Australians are being asked to be alert to an increased risk of measles, following notification of six people being infected in the Perth metropolitan area in the past week.

Blair, who rose to fame as the possessed child “Regan” in the classic horror film “The Exorcist,” will sign her book “Going Vegan!” at the event, Saturday, Aug. …

December 2011 Mentoring Letter (November 30, 2011)
December 2011 Mentoring Letter (November 30, 2011)

A movie theater and three restaurants were displaced to make way for the 700-room luxury hotel, which now is on ‘indefinite hold.’

He’s no longer a teenager, so it’s time for Garcia to start chasing championships. His next step is a match with veteran Carlos Morales on Sept. 1 in Indio.

More than 13,000 patients have had their protected health information exposed as a result of an employee being fooled by a phishing scam.

Does Old Testament Polygamy Justify Same-Sex Marriage
I was recently confronted with a challenge about marriage at one of my events. The claim was that God permits same-sex marriage today because marriage is not clearly defined in Scripture. Adam and Eve were a monogamous heterosexual couple, but later in Scripture God allowed men to marry multiple women. This signals a trajectory in the Bible towards more…

In today’s wired world, technology goes hand in hand with effective gatherings. In fact, nine out of 10 events at Monona Terrace require some kind of technical support, says John Klingelhoets, an audio/visual technician with Monona Terrace. “Technology, requirements and equipment change so rapidly nowadays that it’s not just nice to have audio/visual support—it’s imperative,” …