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Your eCommerce customer, Paul, has ordered a special mattress for his bed. He’s put the item into the cart, and paid for it. Now you send a confirmation of purchase email. But, instead of just a note stating that "we’ve received your payment, and your item has been posted for shipment…” or whatever boilerplate many

The noose appears to be tightening around the Dark Overlord, a group of international hackers who have stolen and held for ransom sensitive information from dozens

Gryphon Networks Overcoming the Top Challenges of Managing a Dispersed Sales Team Managing any sales team is challenging To alleviate common forecasting inaccuracies, help mold new hires into stand-up employees, and ensure that a team is working towards the same common goals,

There has been a great deal of talk in the news recently about violations against women, and I’d like to share an experience I had where I was protected from abuse.I was living in an apartment after college. I hadn’t lived there long when I was wakened in the middle of the ni...

Tom Peters once said: "Excellent firms don't believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and change". In this interactive webinar, you will get insight on driving change that sticks. The webinar speakers will share insight from their work with clients who have experience driving sustainable change in their sales organizations
You will learn the vital role that sales leaders play in creating and sustaining change…

Buyer behaviors are always evolving, and sales teams need to keep up with them. Technology plays a key role here. Software development is getting faster every day, and so is the way consumers adopt this technology. Here are some of the most recent examples.

5 Cover Letter Phrases to Avoid - The Muse: These cover letter phrases are harming your cha...

This is "DACA is RESCINDED. CALL ME." by Brian Lerner on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Without self-control on the inside, our lives are made vulnerable to innumerable assaults.

When you’re faced with caring for a loved one who needs specialized memory care, it can seem overwhelming. Here are some questions to ask when seeking out a memory care residential facility. Learn more about these here.

It takes just one click for a hacker to attack a network and steal sensitive data.

www.californiaimmigrfation.us brian-d-lerner-blog.com DACA may be ending. Otherwise known as Deferred Action, Dreamers, etc. Brian Lerner, Immigration Lawyer…

The number of health data breach victims added to the official federal tally so far in 2018 has doubled in recent weeks to more than 2 million. The largest breach

Christian Storytelling Should Be Both True and Beautiful
On yesterday’s podcast , Brett talked to screenwriter and author Brian Godawa about Christian artists, beauty, truth, and storytelling. Art is indeed a powerful vehicle for expressing truth, but as Brian explains in the interview, when we use story merely as a tool to communicate a message, neglecting the beauty of the craft, we tend to end up with preachy propaganda. He argued that beauty is an aspect of the truth about God that we…

Why Jesus Is the Only Way to Be Saved
Greg explains why it’s misleading to say Jews go to Hell because they don’t believe in Jesus then answers a question on whether or not Jesus is just a copy of pagan myths.

www.californiaimmigration.us brian-d-lerner-blog.com Brian Lerner discusses what to do AFTER you win an asylum case and why it is critically important to move…

Recon is mastering the fetish evolution with millions of gay men worldwide into fetish sex. Connect and discover new kinks with other men into leather, BDSM and much more!

No doubt, green juice is the better thing to sip on when it comes to shedding belly fat. But if you're going to imbibe, here's how nutritionists wish you would incorporate alcohol into your healthy eating plan.


How the industry’s largest franchise brand is growing

For agendas, minutes, and video of meetings, go to www.polb.com/webcast .
If you have questions about the agenda, please contact Shana Espinoza, Commission Administrative Officer, at (562) 283-7070 or shana.espinoza@polb.com .
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'General admission Access to the full day of programming See the full lineup Agenda Festival Performances by: Brockhampton, Lil Yachty, Billie Eilish, Yung Lean, Fidlar, Lecrae, Denzel Curry, Na-Kel Smith, Spaghetti Boys, Blondie Beach, and more to be announced. About: A one day event best described as a curated mall of pop-up shops dropped into the middle of a music festival. The festival experience will include…

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"Domaine Neferis' vineyards benefit from the cooling sea breezes of the Mediterranean Sea, just 30 kilometers away. As well it is a hilly region; soils are limestone and clay. The winery is in Sidi Salem, one of Tunisia’s seven AOCs. Domaine Neferis prides itself on being environmentally forward-thinking. This is reflected in their practice of low intervention winemaking- from vine to bottle. 100% estate-owned grapes are…

Expand the opportunity for communication and allow yourself time to hear cerebral nuances in a conversation.

For agendas, minutes, and video of meetings, go to www.polb.com/webcast .
If you have questions about the agenda, please contact Shana Espinoza, Commission Administrative Officer, at (562) 283-7070 or shana.espinoza@polb.com .
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