Business in Queensborough - Shreveport, LA

It's been five years since the secret waiting list scandal at the V A Hospital came to light, but a change of leadership and a new government program, is helping fix the problem.

American Airlines inducted its first flight attendant with special needs and terminal illness over the weekend.

LSU was fined $100,000 for an on-field celebration after beating No. 2 Georgia Saturday, but the memories will be a treasure.

This is the fourth in a series, in which travel and tourism reporter Leigh Guidry and family are traveling along all 18 Louisiana Byways. The marked routes encourage visitors to explore the back roads and small towns along the way. Follow along and take the back roads with us.

The SEC says LSU violated the conference's "access to competition area policy" for the second time since the policy was enacted in 2004.

The women accused in the burning death of a 6-month-old baby will be in court next week for separate hearings.

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Two advancements that have made…

The ballot measure known as Amendment 6 would phase in property tax increases that result from bit, one-year increases in assessements.

The new THC clinic will offer patients consultations on how to get medical pot for a variety of ailments.

Louisiana's current system makes dealing with internet taxes more complicated than in many other states