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“Every mistake is a lesson” Like not cutting your own hair, unless you want a …

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - The South Carolina city where almost half of all the slaves brought to the United States first set foot on American soil is ready to apologize for its role in the slave trade.

Jessica and Katie telling you all about Facebook's "Boost Your Business" and everything you need to know for this weekly update.

Sunday was move-in day for Miss Louisiana hopefuls at the University of Louisiana at Monroe Bayou Suites.

Hosting a good webinar always comes back to how prepared you were. With this checklist, you should be well on your way to hosting a webinar that’s both engaging and runs smoothly.

Digital transformation has become a common buzzphrase in the tech community over the last few years, but the concept has hit consumers

For pets that sleep half the day away, they sure get into a lot of trouble.

LearningRx would like to give a "shout out" to John B. from Reston, VA. John's parents enrolled him in LearningRx after a number of behavioral and academic i...

If you think that your young child knows what to do when they come across a gun, research shows you’re wrong.

Talk about a family reunion! Whichever player matches all the kids to their fathers fastest, wins.

Words of Wisdom from Mr. Weather Monday, June 18, 2018 Year of Our Lord: “Women …

Test your memory matching skills with this delicious ice cream contest!

Test your knowledge of the founding of the United States of America!

Here in Shreveport, we perform plastic surgery on teens, although the procedures focus on procedures to adjust physical features that are appropriate for a teenager, such as a rhinoplasty to reduce and remodel a large nose; otoplasty (ear) surgery for teens with ears that are protuberant (although otoplasties are performed on children as young as 4 years old); breast reductions for girls with overly large breasts…

There are millions of innovative nonprofit organizations around the globe striving to make the world a better place. Many of these charities rely heavily on donations from private individuals. If y…

A work execution platform can help unstick the sticky spots—and help create a truly agile organization.

A 9-year-old Palestinian boy traveled to Shreveport almost two months ago for a rare surgery to correct his congenital deformity.