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Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out. It’s made of fungus

In loving memory of James T. Ansel. Photo by Cristy Doughty
I discovered Bernheim bringing my step-dad back from what would be his final road trip to Nashville in November 2017. He enjoyed our times in nature and we would do great self propelled adventures like our 30 parks in 30 days we dreamt up while exploring roadside America. He truly was happy when we visited this day and I took him via wheelchair from the gift shop to the grove of American…

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We often talk about Bernheim’s size in terms of acres or square miles – 16,137 acres or more than 25 square miles. That is larger than the island of Manhattan in New York City. It is larger than the next three largest park systems in our region combined. When you consider that a football field is a little over an acre, Bernheim is some 16,000 times the size of a football field
It is the largest privately held contiguous forest block in the…

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Located in New Brunswick, the Fundy Trail Parkway is a coastal road that spans nearly 20 miles of some of North America’s most breathtaking scenery. Learn more about the area and what’s not to miss on the Fundy Trail Parkway.

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" Camp Hobe has been an amazing experience for our whole family. We have six kids, 5 of them who have been able to attend now, and they all love it.
For our family, one of the difficulties with one child diagnosed with cancer is that the whole family suffers , and is touched by the diagnosis. Camp Hobe has really been a blessing to our children who have been able to…

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Nashville is a must-visit city for any music lover. While it’s a place with lots to do, these eight things are definitely not to be missed in the Music City.