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Grade A Peacocks Amish Turkeys
Bone In or Boneless Turkey breasts.
Choice Prime Rib

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Each year on December 6, Germans remember the death of Nicholas of Myra (now the Anatolia region of modern Turkey), who died on that day in 346. He was a Greek Christian bishop known for miracles and giving gifts secretly, and is now the patron saint of little children, sailors, merchants and students. In some places today, children still leave their shoes by the window or the door on the night of Dec. 5. They awaken the next day (Dec.…

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We carry only Certified Grade A
Fresh Amish Turkey…. $2.59#
Nitsches offers more than just the turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. Please checkout our website for our cooked options, sides, pies, and stuffing's.
Turkey Butter is in!

One European Tour pro takes his chances at a hole-in-one ... 500 of them, to be exact.

Come INNside the box with us as we create this topping-filled Pizza of the Week. Get a Large Pricebuster Gourmet Pizza for $11.99 this week only! 👍

Try our limited time Transylvania Twist Pizza. Just in time for vampire season.

Let us take you back in time 70 years ago to the origination of Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza.

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As mentioned briefly in the Morning 9, Rory McIlroy spoke candidly about his pursuit of major glory. Now 29 years old, McIlroy won the most recent of his four majors at the 2014 PGA Championship. However, he seems at peace with his place in the game (and the world). “Nothing is going to change in […]

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Scientific investigations have revealed that fluoridated water consumption is linked to endocrine dysfunction, hypothyroidism, ADHD, and a reduced IQ.