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Love’s Travel Stops (Love’s) is now serving Customers in Lufkin, Texas, as a new store opened its doors today. The travel stop, located at 5614 U.S. Highway 59 North, opened this morning and brings 55 new jobs to Angelina County.

Just like a motor vehicle, bicycles require care and maintenance. Learn the basics here.

Welcome to AAA’s DUI Prevention website. It’s designed to provide information on a wide range of issues related to impaired driving and how to prevent it. AAA’s goal is to educate the general public about the dangers of impaired driving and to offer potential solutions to reduce drug or alcohol-related traffic crashes on America’s roadways. … Read More »

AAA’s Senior Driver Expo offers older drivers and their families an opportunity to sample the full suite of evidence-based senior driver safety and mobility resources from AAA. Sign up today
AAA Senior Driving
AAA is dedicated to keeping seniors driving for as long as safely possible. We also are committed to promoting viable transportation options for seniors who can no longer drive independently
This website is…

One of the nation’s leading providers of alternative fuels systems and renewable fuels debuts a new name that reflects the company’s full-service offerings in the alternative fuels industry. Trillium CNG is now Trillium. Company officials simultaneously announced the name change and a partnership with California-based EV Connect, a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo this week.

Trillium CNG, one of the nation’s leading providers of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fueling facilities, was recently selected by American Disposal Services to provide upgrades to its CNG fueling station.

How interest is calculated can have a great impact on the interest earned by your account and how your savings grow. Use the MidFirst Bank Benefits of Compounding Calculator to determine the effect of compound interest on your long term investment.

If you're tired of same ol' same ol' H20, here's a simple, fresh solution that adds flavor to water but skips the unnecessary sugar found in packaged drinks.

MidFirst Bank is proud to join you in supporting the OKC Dodgers – and proud to offer the OKC Dodgers Debit Card.

Accomplishing an extraordinary task often requires a significant amount of brain power and creative thinking. It’s an intimidating feeling, and for many people, would be enough to simply give up and walk away. However, there are some people who take another approach and instead turn frustrating circumstances into their greatest strength
Check out this recent TED Talks featuring English journalist Tim Harford for some inspirational insight…

In a Gallup survey of more than 7,200 adults, nearly half of the participants admitted they have left a job to get away from their manager. It’s an unsettling statistic and one that really begins to scratch the surface of the impact that leadership—good and bad—can have on a company, its people, and overall success
Poor leadership can be an incredibly destructive force, and, as some studies have suggested, may even be contagious . From productivity and engagement levels to how they react…

This week on Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond continues his series on the importance of focus
According to Walter:
“I believe this topic is a game changer for you. I believe this topic might be the one thing you’ve been missing all these years that can position you to be successful. ”
Check out Walter’s inspirational message below:
What are some ways you can change your perspective in your work life? In your personal life? Let us know in the comments section below.…

See how Mopar is transforming the FCA ownership experience. Explore personalized vehicle information, buy parts and accessories, get coupons and much more.

'Choose Between Two Options $40.50 for dental cleaning and exam for a child ($175 value) $72 for dental cleaning and exam for an adult ($275 value) Cavities: Portrait of an Enamel Assassin One primary purpose of a dental appointment is checking for cavities. To learn exactly how they form, read on. Cavities—also known as dental caries or simply tooth decay—form as the direct result of two interplaying factors: food and bacteria. As soon as 20 minutes after a meal, more than 500 types…

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