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A study in the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health on the effect of sauna bathing on cholesterol levels in 16 young Finnish men found a statistically significant decrease of total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides an

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The Pool Source offers custom and traditional designed saunas, as well as infrared saunas from Finnleo®. Serving all of Rhode Island.

Amerec manufactures steam bath generators, sauna heaters, sauna rooms, controls and accessories both for home spa and commercial solutions. The Official Site.

- Once you have that sauna built, you'll want to make it your own. Mealey's meets all of your sauna accessory needs from ladles and buckets to soaps, towels, rugs and thermometers. -

Recent study shows that the frequency of sauna use and length of time spent in the sauna are correlated with a lowered risk for lethal cardiac death.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle with alternative health products.

These poolside, lakeside and beachside saunas can heat up your options for outdoor relaxation and help you fight stress.

- Mealey's offers a variety of sauna packages. Whether you want a pre-fabricated set for easy construction or a custom cut set so you can build to your specifications, we have what you need in a variety of designs and sizes. -

The project One Man Sauna results from the research lab Borderlands, which looks into the border and transit spaces of the city of Bochum as parts of the urb...

Detoxification with infrared sauna in Mobile, AL. Detoxification of chemical and heavy metal toxicity through Far Infrared Sauna.

A new study finds men who used a sauna at least twice a week were at much lower risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality than those who sauna bathed once a week.

In need of some relaxing or tension-relieving? Who isn’t these days? Feels like every time you finish one thing, you’re already behind on the next thing on your to-do list. But everyone needs a break once in awhile. And you deserve yours right about… now
Here are some things you can and we recommend you do at a Santa Clara Sauna Spa .
And really, what’s a sauna spa , without a sauna? Imperial Day Spa has a “Red Clay Sauna” that…

Baltic Leisure manufactures cedar sauna kits, sauna doors & wine rooms with complete sauna + steam packages for home or business. Sauna heaters, pre-built sauna

Cokato, MN (PRWEB) April 22, 2012
Finnleo is pleased to introduce the newest model in the Designer Series of panel built rooms: Twilight. With a contemporary glass-to-glass corner, which creates

Students from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design designed and built a seaside sauna made up of wooden bands that stagger up over the rocky terrain

How to reap the health benefits of a sauna even if you don't have access to one.

The Steam Sauna Pro is the premier steam sauna cabinet, ozone-compatible and portable.

The discomfort is fleeting and the calm endures. Read how to shed your inhibitions (and clothes) to embrace the nude sauna experience.