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You can now take pictures using your iPad or iPhone camera, and then assess them later using the posture app. Here’s a tutorial on using the camera roll gallery to access and assess images and creating client/patient folders in the PostureZone app (requires the Pro version (a one-time upgrade fee applies).
Note: the video assumes you have already taken a photo of the patient and it is currently in the camera roll of your device.
Download the free posture app on iTunes.

Thanks to our sponsors, partners, friends and colleagues for getting out the message as never before that posture is important. In fact, we reached millions more…
Since 2007 we at Bodyzone have grown the “ May is Posture Month ” campaign to build awareness of posture’s relevance and actionability for health, happiness, and appearance. In other words, that our posture is the physical face we present to the world, and the basis of how we interact with physical reality
My original interest in…

Posture Month is an annual reminder to find out how your posture changed over the last year… for better or for worse. From workplace warriors to aging boomers who want to stay active, there’s confusion about what’s posture-smart, what’s a gimmick, and what’s actionable.