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Posture Month is an annual reminder to find out how your posture changed over the last year… for better or for worse. From workplace warriors to aging boomers who want to stay active, there’s confusion about what’s posture-smart, what’s a gimmick, and what’s actionable.

PostureMedia: Dr. Weiniger tells Fox Radio how to slow aging process
Canton, OH – “Talk with Pam Cook & Gary Rivers” Morning Radio Show hosted anti-aging expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger, to learn about why some people age faster than others and how DNA, Damage and Daily Habits contribute to aging.
Everything from exercise, to sleep, smoking, diet and happiness impacts the length of your life. Listen to get expert advice on how to slow the aging process!
Listen now:

A Facebook Chiropractor’s Guide to Good Posture and Wearables
Chiropractors and physical therapists can’t be everywhere all the time. Outside of our patients’ visits, we can’t be there to prod them into making better decisions, like “drink water instead!” or “sit up straight!”, no matter how much we’d like to do so. Thankfully, it’s in those moments that technology is most helpful
As an on-site chiropractor…

Here’s another study showing changes in motion patterns are associated with pain. Researchers found that
“…automatic postural contraction of the transverse abdominus (TrA)observed in the control subjects in the sitting and standing postures was not demonstrated in subjects with chronic low back pain.”1
Weiniger’s Observation: Focusing attention on the missing TrA postural contraction, and retraining it with control can help low back pain
1 Takuya Miura,…

In my opinion, they’re both likely right. And everyone agrees – positioning is key. Both are aligning a level head over the torso, taking out the muscle tension by supporting the head towards a neutral position
Getting results with a self-massage roller
But postures vary, which is why I like the flexibility and adaptability of elegant, inexpensive tools like the roller balls for massage . The big advantage of this self-massage roller is that the balls roll but stay connected, letting you (or…