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[On choosing CPEP Posture Certification] I was really looking for a way to be able to engage my patients and teach them things that they can do on their own. My patients have really been wanting that lately – it seems like they want to be active in their care plans. So I was looking for something that was low cost, low tech that they could do at home without a lot of equipment. ~Cathy Boufford, DC, CPEP

You can now take pictures using your iPad or iPhone camera, and then assess them later using the posture app. Here’s a tutorial on using the camera roll gallery to access and assess images and creating client/patient folders in the PostureZone app (requires the Pro version (a one-time upgrade fee applies).
Note: the video assumes you have already taken a photo of the patient and it is currently in the camera roll of your device.
Download the free posture app on iTunes.

A Facebook Chiropractor’s Guide to Good Posture and Wearables
Chiropractors and physical therapists can’t be everywhere all the time. Outside of our patients’ visits, we can’t be there to prod them into making better decisions, like “drink water instead!” or “sit up straight!”, no matter how much we’d like to do so. Thankfully, it’s in those moments that technology is most helpful
As an on-site chiropractor…