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Dr. Steven Weiniger, DC, authored Stand Taller Live Longer and teaches the advanced posture specialist certification, Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP®). The StrongPosture® protocols at the heart of the program have set the clinical standard for posture improvement and rehab protocols with clinicians worldwide. He can be reached via PosturePractice.com and BodyZone.com.

If you want a better practice, start by building better patients. From the first visit through acute, rehab and any ongoing care, the best strategy for a referral practice is having systems which put the patient first. Join Dr. Steven Weiniger and Josh Walker.

Which problem is worse: Reprogramming the human brain to need a device or the explosion of clinical posture problems from using that device
Sixty percent of the students admitted they could be addicted to their phone, and with many reporting they become agitated when their phone is out of sight1.
My first response was that the premise of addiction was over the top…but the more I looked at it and considered, the more I see a profound and truly underestimated problem facing humankind’s…