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Dr. Steven Weiniger, DC, authored Stand Taller Live Longer and teaches the advanced posture specialist certification, Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP®). The StrongPosture® protocols at the heart of the program have set the clinical standard for posture improvement and rehab protocols with clinicians worldwide. He can be reached via PosturePractice.com and BodyZone.com.

Hunched over a computer all day long? Constantly keeping up with work on your smart phone? You’re not alone – quite the contrary – you’re part of a poor posture epidemic
Dr. Mike Jorgensen, DC, CPEP, argues that because of the time our modern society spends seated for work, corporations need to step up and invest in worker’s health by providing restorative posture exercises
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Here’s another study showing changes in motion patterns are associated with pain. Researchers found that
“…automatic postural contraction of the transverse abdominus (TrA)observed in the control subjects in the sitting and standing postures was not demonstrated in subjects with chronic low back pain.”1
Weiniger’s Observation: Focusing attention on the missing TrA postural contraction, and retraining it with control can help low back pain
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When you think of summer, many things immediately come to mind: warm days filled with outdoor activities, delicious barbecues, and evenings spent with