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Make your fiberglass swimming pool stand out with perimeter inlayed tile, mosaic tiles added to the top portion of your swimming pool's perimeter can take your fiberglass pool to the next level, making it look like a tile pool with the benefits of fiberglass.

The United Nations poverty envoy wrote a scathing report whichdetailed how the United Kingdom's government was inflicting "great misery" on British citizens due to austerity policies that prioritized social re-engineering instead of economic priorities, according to The Guardian. Philip Alston, the UN’s rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, ended a two-week fact-finding mission to the UK on Friday with a report which said the levels of child poverty were not only a disgrace, but also

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Oli Scarff/Getty Images The DOJ reportedly plans to indict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The exact charges prosecutors would bring are unclear, but they are likely to include some related to the Espionage Act.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea announced search crews recovered seven more bodies in the Camp Fire burn area on Thursday, which brought the death toll to 63, according to The Los Angeles Times. But said the number of those unaccounted for dramatically increased from 130 on Wednesday night to more than 630 people on Thursday. Crews had found three bodies in Magalia, three in Paradise, and on in Concow. The Camp Fire was still only 40% contained on Wednesday evening after burning through…

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When you hear about ‘endangered species,’ what do you think of? Perhaps a tiger or a polar bear? However, what about a saiga or a white-bellied pangolin?

Learn the American Sign Language sign for the letter A. Jack Hartmann has taken each sign from the original See it, Say it, Sign it and made a video for each...

Flora and fauna fine gifts, nature jewelry, wildlife sculptures and home decor.

You would never come to work one day and start telling all your customers to go buy their coffee somewhere else. You would never just turn off your lottery machines and stop selling tickets for any reason. You rely on these systems to drive your revenue.Convenience stores, truck stops, and similar businesses depend on many electrical and electronic...

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A Black Bears Quest for Food
*Black bears are efficient berry-eaters, consuming up to 30,000 berries a day in a good year. They gather berries quickly, using their sensitive, mobile lips and swallowing them whole
*Some seeds pass through the digestive tract unbroken and able to germinate, making black bears important seed dispersers. Each summer, they spread the seeds of their favorite berries all over their…

MINIVAP vapor pressure testers are automatic (reid) vapor pressure testing and vapor-liquid ratio of gasoline and gasoline oxygenated blends, crude oil, LPG, NPG, chemicals and solvents. Worldwide refinery standard!