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With the roster of companies attaining third-party certifications or audits continuing to grow, E-Scrap News has compiled a roundup of recently certified firms.

Jennifer Cockerell November 12 2018 2:30 AM 0 Comments Blood scan 'predicts dementia a decade early' Independent.ie A five-minute scan of blood vessels in the neck during mid-life could become part of future dementia screening, researchers have suggested.

Neymar was delighted with Paris Saint-Germain's thrashing of Monaco as he urged his team to continue building on their impressive start to the

Pastor Andy Mason continues a wonderful sermon series at First Christian Church of Seminole. Please note that there may be spelling errors in the video cues due…

Attend the Health Sciences and Veterinary Technology Open House & Student Success Showcase to learn more about health careers and SPC's healthcare programs.

A doctor who drugged a 74-year-old woman's drink with a sedative before administrating a lethal drug while her family members held her down will become the first health care worker to be prosecuted for breaking euthanasia laws in The Netherlands, according to Dutch News. A public prosecutor in The Hague released a statement which said the doctor was unable to unambiguously conclude the patient wanted to die. The case is the first prosecution since Dutch laws on euthanasia were crafted in 2002 to

AMETEK Introduces Synchrophasor (PMU) in Compliance with Standard - C37.118.1a-2014 for the TR-3000 Fault Recorder

For Time-Saving Temperature Calibration – Go JOFRA!

Tens of thousands of people had to flee a rapidly approaching fire in Northern California on Thursday, many describing how they had to hold their young children and pets after they abandoned their vehicles to flee the blaze, according to The Associated Press. Cal Fire Capt. Scott McLean said the community of Paradise was "destroyed." "It's that kind of devastation," said Cal Fire Capt. McLean. "The wind that was predicted came and just wiped it out." McLean said initial estimates said thousands

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan 4dr Wgn American Value Pkg, Mini-van, Passenger for sale in Rosedale, NY, Valley-Stream, Woodmere, Elmont, Queens, Queens County, Valley Stream NY, Woodmere NY, Elmont NY, North Valley Stream NY, Lynbrook NY, East Rockaway NY, Franklin Square NY, Floral Park NY, Oceanside NY, West Hempstead NY, New Hyde Park NY, North New Hyde Park NY, Long Beach NY, Baldwin NY and Hempstead NY…

Los Angeles: Actor Diego Luna will star in a new “Star Wars” series, which will be a prequel to “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Luna will

Be Elite. Be More. Teach. Be an Elite Educator. Knowledge fuels a teacher’s passion. Becoming more is what keeps teachers motivated. Teachers can impact the learning environment in many ways, including the physical, psychological and instructional setting. Educating children is a rewarding and tough job. “I wanted to help students think for themselves.” “Being a child’s advocate and … Continue reading Elite Educator Partnership →

St. Petersburg College has received an $83,450 grant from the Department of Education as part of its Pilot Program for Cybersecurity Education Technological Upgrades for Community Colleges initiati…

Dark Web Investigations features Karhrman Ziegenbein, co-founder of the Academy of Technology and Investigations, who will discuss the dark web.

For the third year in a row, St. Petersburg College is partnering with the Gasparilla Music Foundation to support music and education through the community outreach program Recycled Tunes.

Formula One has reached a deal to stage a race on the streets of Vietnam's capital city. The grand prix, which will take place in

As jury selection resumed Tuesday in the Brooklyn courthouse hosting the trial for the notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, a federal judge had already dismissed 17 potential jurors on Monday who said they were afraid for their lives if they served on the jury, according to CBS News. Guzman was the alleged leader of the infamous and brutal Sinaloa cartel for decades as it became the largest drug trafficking organization in the world. U.S. prosecutors claim Guzman oversaw

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Scientists working in the Canadian Arctic made the rare sighting of sperm whales earlier this fall which they said was a significant sign of the quickly changing ecosystem as a number of species expand their natural ranges into the Arctic, according to The Guardian. In September, marine biologist Brandon Laforest with the World Wildlife Fund and guide Titus Allooloo were working on a project to monitor marine traffic on the region's narwhal population when they made the rare sighting of the