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Red Cross envoys announced on Friday reunions for families separated since the Korean War will resume in August as part of the ongoing negotiations between the two Koreas who are attempting to mend their fractured relationship, according to CNN. The reunions will take place over several days beginning August 20 and will be the first reunions since 2015 where families separated for the last seven decades were able to meet. Officials said around 100 people from each side will take part in the

The Supreme Court ruled the government could not track people's movement for weeks or months at a time through monitoring the location of their cellphones without a warrant on Friday, marking a win for privacy advocates, according to USA Today. Justices on both sides of the spectrum said the rapid changes in technology made the decades-old rules on data privacy inadequate, marking another verdict in favor of data privacy after ruling law enforcement could not use GPS programs to track vehicles

President Donald Trump said Republicans should delay addressing the immigration crisis his administration created with their "zero tolerance" policy until after the midterm elections on Friday, according to NBC News. Trump said the U.S. needed to "maintain a Strong Southern Border" and not listen to Democrats "tell their phony stories of sadness and grief, hoping it will help them in the elections." "Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration until after we elect more Senators and

Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling It almost seems like hunting the President, or a lesser known politician, has become a favorite pastime for some Americans. Indeed, and despite Barack Obama becoming the first black president, which was seen as representing a clear benchmark in America’s efforts to move beyond race and political partisanship, his presidency was by far marred with the most death threats, terrorist plots and assassination attempts ever. 1 With the one-year anniversary

ROME: Barely a week in office, Italy's new, populist interior minister was losing no time in bringing home his message: His government will make good on a campaign pledge to swiftly deport 100,000 migrants from Italian soil. Standing next to two bus drivers who were allegedly assaulted by four migrants — one of the drivers was still wearing a neck brace — Matteo Salvini boasted to reporters in the lakeside town of Como that the four "fake asylum-seekers,'' whose bids for asylum had…

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — The latest attempt at ending South Sudan's civil war failed Friday as President Salva Kiir rejected working again with rival Riek Machar after their first face-to-face meeting in almost two years. "This is simply because we have had enough of him," government spokesman Michael Makuei said. The rivals met this week in neighboring Ethiopia on its prime minister's invitation, shaking hands and being coaxed into an awkward embrace as they held direct talks.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is regaining her strength with macaroni and cheese and plans to spend at least one more night in an Auckland public hospital with her

Friends and loved ones said goodbye Thursday to American fashion designer Kate Spade at a funeral in Kansas City, Missouri, birthplace of the 55-year-old who committed suicide two weeks ago. ...

HANOI--Vietnamese police have arrested four more former senior oil executives for allegedly abusing their power to appropriate property as the communist authorities step up their toughest crackdown on corruption in years.

Kathmandu [Nepal], June 22 (ANI): The trade deficit in South Asian countries such as Nepal, Myanmar and Pakistan with China is rising year-on-year, in spite of Beijing extending bilateral loans to them by significant amounts. According to the Kathmandu Post, in Nepal alone, the gap between import and export values with China has widened by

Beijing, June 22 (IANS) Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) giant Baidu Inc. has tested its two

The European Union has slapped retaliatory tariffs on iconic US products from bourbon to blue jeans and motorcycles in its opening salvo in a trade war with President Donald Trump. The tariffs, which took effect at midnight will further fuel jitters on world stock markets that are already alarmed by trade tensions between the United States and China. Customs agents across the Europe's colossal market of 500m people will now impose the duty, hiking prices on US-made products in supermarkets and

Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi released a social media statement on Thursday which said "hate narratives" were trying to divide communities in the country struggling to address the Rohingya crisis, one of the major humanitarian disasters of 2017, according to Reuters. She said peace and time were necessary to help restore trust between the divided communities while discussing the issues facing the Southeastern Asia country with the United Nations special envoy Christina Schraner Burgener on

Venezuela sent soldiers to more than 100 grocery stores and food markets in order to fight the "economic" war President Nicolas Maduro claims is being waged against the country on Thursday, according to BBC News. Maduro ordered the measure while claiming sellers were charging extreme prices for items that were supposed to be price-controlled. Venezuela has been enduring years of an economic crisis and currently has the highest inflation rate in the world after spiking from 4,966 percent to

After writing an announcement detailing how he had only a few more weeks to live on June 8, Charles Krauthammer, Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist for The Washington Post and longtime conservative pundit passed away on Thursday at the age of 68. The Post said the cause was cancer of the small intestine, according to his son, Daniel Krauthammer. Krauthammer wrote in his farewell letter how the "pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking. I

There’s been a large influx of reverse domain name hijacking decisions involving UDRP cases this week, DomainNameWire reported Thursday, but one case in particular stood out. The case involving the dispute over CLH.com and the decision by the majority of panelists involved in the case not finding the filing an abuse of the proceedings and their reason is even more surprising, the report said. Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos CLH S.A. filed the case against a domain name investor who acquired

Pizza Man Chant is a fun repeat after me song with a growing pattern. Children follow the children in the video and do all the same fun movements. This makes...

The internet has created many benefits for today’s businesses. One of the most important is the advent of Internet-capable devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) brings many capabilities to businesses, including fast communication between devices, integrated usage, and optimized operations. These benefits can also be achieved for networked security,...

The White House unveiled a proposal on Thursday to merge the Education and Labor departments into a single federal agency, a point that was often echoed by President Donald Trump while campaigning in 2016 when discussing the bloated bureaucracy of the federal government, according to The Los Angeles Times. The Office of Management and Budget said the proposal would "allow the Federal government to address the educational and skill needs of American students and workers in a coordinated way,

After President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday which ended the practice of separating families apprehended at the Mexico border which Democrats, Republicans, and international figures called cruel, a senior official told The Washington Post Border Patrol agents were told to stop sending parents with children to prosecution. Trump's executive order said the government would still hold his "zero tolerance" policy toward those immigrants who break the law but there is still

Apple’s previously announced but still unreleased AirPower charger is now planned to ship in or before September 2018, Bloomberg reports today, following a string of technical issues that prevented the accessory from arriving earlier in the year. The issues have apparently been addressed, enabling the wireless charging mat to go into testing at Apple employees’ offices ahead of general availability in the fall.

RIYADH - The end of a decades-old female driving ban is expected to bring an economic windfall for millions of Saudi women, making it easier for them to work and do business. Taghreed Ghazala, who owns a chain of beauty salons, sees the move as a huge step forward for businesswomen like her in the ultra-conservative kingdom. "I have many drivers that I pay to transport my employees around," she said ahead of the end of the ban on Sunday. "Now I don't…

Saudi Arabia expects to spend about $750 million to build a 37-mile-long canal cutting itself off geographically from its former ally Qatar. The kingdom is accepting a bid

A suspect has been charged in the shooting death of rising rap star XXXTentacion, authorities in Florida said Thursday. Dedrick Devonshay Williams, 22, of Pompano Beach was arrested shortly before 7

A court in South Korea ruled the killing of dogs for meat is illegal, issuing a landmark decision which animal rights activists said could propel the movement to outlaw eating canines forward, according to The Guardian. Even though dog meat has been a traditional part of South Korean cuisine and 1 million dogs are believed to be eaten annual, consumption has already declined and the practice is taboo among younger South Koreans. The city court in Buncheon issued the ruling on Tuesday in…

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The United States Supreme Court issued a decision on Thursday which could upend the economic outlook for some of the nation's online retailers since it said states can now collect sales taxes from most Internet retailers, according to USA Today. The ruling overturns a previous Supreme Court precedent and will increase state revenues while raising costs for consumers and sellers who were able to avoid sales taxes in the past. The justices voted 5-4 in the decision, with Justice Anthony Kennedy

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the United States on Thursday to rethink its decision to pull out of the world's top human rights body, calling it

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said his ruling AK Party could seek to form a coalition if it fails to secure a parliamentary majority in Sunday's elections, a prospect which has unsettled investors who fear it could lead to political deadlock. Polls indicate elections may be closer than anticipated when Erdogan called the snap elections in April, suggesting he may be pushed to a second-round run-off for the presidency, and his AKP could lose its majority in the 600-seat assembly. While

Pope Francis, seen here arriving in Geneva Thursday, has faced criticism for making ecumenism and interreligious dialogue -- most notably with muslims -- one of the priorities of his pontificate Pope Francis vowed Thursday to seek deeper "unity" between the Catholic Church and other Christian faiths as he arrived in Geneva, a centre of Protestantism, amid Christianity's waning influence in Europe. Francis touched down in Geneva, the home of French Protestant reformist Jean Calvin, shortly after

BEIJING -- South Korea urged North Korea on Wednesday to present a plan with concrete steps toward denuclearization, raising the pressure on its leader Kim Jong Un as he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a visit designed to convey the countries' growing closeness. Kim and Xi held a second day of talks at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, whose grounds China's official Xinhua News Agency described in unusually lyrical terms as being full of "verdant greenery and splendid flowers," adding to

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia says it will not cancel a skyscraper project billed as the tallest in the region even though 3 billion ringgit ($747 million) from the venture

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