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The judge in the case has ruled that the verdict was “fair and reasonable” compensation for the plaintiffs’ injuries.

MONTEREY — A year ago Tuesday the Monterey Conference Center hosted its first large conference in the newly-renovated facility. The California Association of Realtors met in the “new…

See more of the island’s natural beauty at Rincón, Culebra and Vieques.

The heaviest downpours in the Bay Area are expected Wednesday afternoon, with most cities expected to receive 1 to 3 inches of rain, according to the National Weather Service.

This year’s Monterey County Fair theme, "High Tides and Carnival Rides,” encompasses a lot of the county’s favorite things: beaches, cars, surfing, the fair’s popular livestock displays and its carnival rides. The fair’s

Each year, between 20,000 and 30,000 people in the United States are sickened by accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Of those, approximately 500 people die, many in their own home. But what is CO? It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and highly toxic gas. CO is produced by fuel-burning sources, including furnaces, fireplaces, cars, wood stoves, space heaters,

Get ready for the laughs when your little stand-ups deliver these clean, goofy jokes.

From the famous aquarium to a wacky mirror maze and a whale-watching trek, here’s how to have fun with the family in Monterey and beyond.

14 Likes, 1 Comments - Faith Christian Center (@faithccenter) on Instagram: “Take heart.
Your faith has healed you.
Matthew 9:20”

190111-N-XX082-0009 MONTEREY, Calif. (January 11 2018) Vice Adm. Timothy White, commander of U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet, conducts an all-hands call with Sailors during his visit to Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Monterey, Jan. 11. IWTC Monterey is located on the Presidio of Monterey, home of the Defense Language Institute. (U.S. Navy photo by Seaman Jill Patterson/Released)

In the U.S., plant-based eating has become more than just a fad. A growing number of people are taking notice of the health benefits associated with a plant-based diet. Research has shown that eating more plant-based meals can help control diabetes, reduce the risk of heart disease, and even play an important role in cancer survivorship. But, there’s no question that animal

What’s going on in this picture? What are those raccoons saying or thinking? Write your funniest caption and we’ll post it for everyone to read.

Have you suffered complications or serious side effects from the AFX Endovascular AAA System? Call the Law Firm of d’Oliveira & Associates today.

On a tree-lined farm in Tennessee, you'll find one of the coolest places in the country to be a Boy Scout. Read what makes Troop 137's Scout barn so spectacular.

Do you suffer from the discomfort of unsightly varicose veins? Are your legs heavy, swollen and in pain by the end of the day? Do you keep your legs covered at all times due to disfiguring varicose veins? Have you researched the standard treatment of surgical stripping, but do not want to endure this painful procedure
Now there is an alternative offered at Rhode Island Medical…

Biotechnology has the potential to be a part of the solution in protecting forest trees against destructive pest and disease outbreaks

The phrase in the headline is most often attributed to the White Rabbit, in Alice in Wonderland. While written in 19th century, in today’s hectic world, it couldn’t be more appropriate. How many things can one person do at a time? Your phone goes “ping!” and the unrelenting urge is to see who’s left the latest text message, app notification, call, or voicemail. The itch to

Bedsores occur in individuals who have risk factors like malnutrition, restriction to a bed or wheelchair, and be prevented by avoiding long-term pressure.

Nutrition can’t cause – or cure – ADHD, but it can help manage symptoms. Use these 5 easy-to-follow rules to cook up an ADHD-friendly diet.

If you believe you have a slip and fall case, call the Law Firm of d’Oliveira & Associates for a free case evaluation.

The Right Foot Business Start Up Workshop
Co-hosted by East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce, RI Small Business Development Center and City of East Providence
52 Grove Avenue, East Providence, RI
Hosted by East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce, RI Small Business Development Center and City of East Providence
If you or someone you know is starting a business or you need feedback on the essential…

Playtime is a crucial part of your child’s emotional, social, and physical development. But it is about much more than having fun. Play can:

If you have suffered complications after having joint replacement with bone cement, call 1-800-992-6878 for the Law Firm of d’Oliveira & Associates today.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a rear-end collision, you may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer regarding a potential claim.

Infographic on what steps to take after a car crash from the Personal Injury Law Firm of d’Oliveira & Associates.

All of us at Rhode Island Medical Imaging are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and care
Q: Is CT an X-Ray?
A: Yes. A CT scan is made up of a series of X-rays which are processed by a computer to produce cross-sectional pictures of the part of the body in question. These cross-sectional images allow one to look at the inside of the body just as one would look at the inside of a loaf of bread…

Given the current regulatory landscape, you may be overwhelmed or uncertain about how to keep up with the changes. We've identified 10 important regulatory challenges businesses face in 2019, and how each can impact you.

Here's a quick breakdown of what career pathing entails, who it benefits, and how it can help you build a loyal and engaged team.

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Life in a snowy winter climate without a garage includes a yearly sentence of months wielding an ice scraper to clean off your car. Make winter less arduous with these handy DIY de-icer recipes.

Polish National Alliance Lodge 1033 is described by patrons as a dive bar, a hideout, and “quirky, but in a good way.” Its motto: “The best-kept secret in South St. Paul.” The small club is in the …

15 Likes, 1 Comments - Faith Christian Center (@faithccenter) on Instagram: “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.
~Proverbs 16:9”

The Investor Relations website contains information about PerkinElmer, Inc.'s business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts.