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The Cavaliers and Warriors helped spur ABC to a 39 percent jump in its Christmas ratings from last year, and the Rockets-Thunder drew a big crowd as well

But there are signs that a gradual cooling is starting to take place in Seattle. That’s how other U.S. housing markets with the fastest home-price appreciation in recent years eventually wound down their boom — rather than with the boom-and-bust cycles of decades past.

Hedgehogs, bearded dragons, rabbits. ... Office animal parties are pitched as a way to reduce stress and cope with long work hours.

After Christmases dominated by all manner of crafty and conventionally-girlie gifts — paint sets, a sewing machine, an American Girl Doll, etc. — this holiday we’re attempting a bit of an experiment.

No, I’m not pregnant now. But I was a little over two years ago. And as soon as my good news was confirmed I was determined to research and understand whatever I could to have a peaceful, natural pregnancy and birth. The first thing I did was research my prenatal vitamins. My OBGYN gave me…

After hearing heartbreaking stories of refugees who have struggled to reconnect with their families and listening to the plight of others who strive to leave dangerous situations, a federal judge said he would try to issue a ruling on a motion to block a Trump administration ban on refugees before Christmas.

SCHERTZ, Texas (WOAI/News 4 San Antonio) – Deputies with the Bexar County Police Department fatally shot a 30-year-old female suspect on Thursday and accidentally shot and killed a 6-year-old boy during a pursuit. The family of the suspect involved in Thur

Secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap finally lifted the veil on its first product this week: Magic Leap One, a portable AR headset system. The company has been prompting major hype in the…

Tech Tips: Here are the quickest and most efficient ways to share digital photos, whether you use an iPhone or Android device.

OceanGate is in the midst of a $5.1 million investment round aimed at pushing the Everett, Wash.-based company closer to a Titanic undersea adventure.

Web designers are must-have for any site owner. Whether you’re building a new site or your existing design needs a refresh, you’ll need a good designer that can match your business style with the…

The proceeds from this event will support affordable health care services at ICHS clinics. Leashed pets permitted. Stroller-friendly course.
Registration includes a t-shirt, fanny pack, bib and timed chip, promotional giveaways from multiple vendors, and light breakfast and coffee. Visit our site for more information.

Curated selections of 20+ diverse offerings are sent our quarterly via ArtsAccess email blasts. For more information or to redeem offers, contact Chantilly Chiles at chantilly@artsfund.org
Are you a young professional looking to create connections and experience more of Seattle's art community
ArtsFund is excited to introduce a new program, the ArtsFund Visionaries , which connects emerging leaders and business professionals between 21 and 45 years…

In a joint statement released with the NFL Players Association, the league cited "a failure in the application of the protocol" after a play in which Wilson was hit during the third quarter against the Cardinals.

Amid a national trend of declining membership, Seattle-based SEIU 775 has grown dramatically in members and influence. Can it continue to be a force?

Whether you are going for your first job interview out of college or you are a seasoned business professional, you have to think about how you are presenting yourself online these days. People can Go…

Community screening for osteoporosis could prevent more than a quarter of hip fractures in older women, according to new research.

Snagging one of these on-the-fly meals won't leave you disappointed in a pinch.

The food manufacturing industry has always been concerned with the quality and safety of the food they produce. At the very lowest level, it is an unwritten ethical requirement. But the topic of food safety and quality has never been in the news like it is now. There are many reasons for this increased awareness... Continue Reading

Anyone who has whole, raw milk on hand from Old Silvana Creamery should not consume it, according to the dairy owner, because samples of it have tested positive for E. coli, which can cause serious and sometimes fatal illnesses. Jim Sinnema, owner, issued the recall today for the milk, which has best-by dates between Dec.... Continue Reading