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The Elantra offers something for everyone in the compact sedan range. The Hyundai Elantra is a model that keeps on giving. Giving, as in great value, multiple trim levels, three engine choices and a…

The proceeds from this event will support affordable health care services at ICHS clinics. Leashed pets permitted. Stroller-friendly course.
Registration includes a t-shirt, fanny pack, bib and timed chip, promotional giveaways from multiple vendors, and light breakfast and coffee. Visit our site for more information.

Whether you are going for your first job interview out of college or you are a seasoned business professional, you have to think about how you are presenting yourself online these days. People can Go…

Community screening for osteoporosis could prevent more than a quarter of hip fractures in older women, according to new research.

Are you doing thoughtful exit interviews with all levels of departing employees? The exit interview is one of few concrete opportunities to learn what makes someone comfortable to work in your organi…

It’s that joyous season when everywhere you look, people are smiling, laughing and — asking you for money. In this guide, my goal is to help you set a plan for giving that works for you.

A trove of diaries and personal effects of the slain Beatle were stolen from Yoko Ono by her driver, the police said. The driver says otherwise.

Britain’s treasured health care system was used as rallying cry by anti-E.U. campaigners. Many of its European staff now feel betrayed. Thousands have quit.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Spinal Cord Injury & Disorders
By Juan Asanza, MD, acting assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and staff physician in the Department of Veterans Affairs
The goal of this talk will be to provide an overview of the vast and diverse field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Spinal Cord Injury & Disorders (SCI/D). Dr. Asanza will describe…

Democrat Ralph Northam rode an anti-Trump wave to victory over Republican Ed Gillespie, who ran on a hard-line message on immigration and social issues in the battleground state.

Pesticides inhaled from sprayed marijuana do in fact end up in your bloodstream. This is not alarmist propaganda. This is a real health risk. Smoking contaminated cannabis puts pesticides in your body. In your liver. In your spleen. In your brain. Read on to learn what to do.

Hundreds of terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis influence its holistic and lifestyle effects. Learn how Origins uses science match strains with lifestyle.

CBD and PTSD go hand in hand. CBD oils have been found to help mitigate PTSD. Read about six strains of CBD oils that have had great affect on PTSD victims.

What role do physicians have in the political side of health care? Panelists discuss passion for care, patient relationship, leading health care disruption.

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The world’s first voucher system for people who donate kidneys has boosted donations by giving US donors transplant coupons they can give to loved ones in need

Behind closed doors Congress is plotting to ram the Graham-Cassidy bill through without any public discussion.

Gullapalli Rao, Founder and Chair of the L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India.

Walk Begins: 10 a.m
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) â one of the most common, life-threatening genetic diseases â strikes both adults and children. It often leads to the need for dialysis and a kidney transplant. It affects thousands in America and millions worldwide, who are in urgent need of treatments and a cure.
Our walkers are devoted to supporting PKD research and creating better lives for those who have been impacted by PKD.
Please unite to fight PKD. Join the PKD Foundation in…

As the storm continues to dump rain on the Gulf Coast and flood waters rise, many organizations are doing vital work to help save lives and give comfort. Here's how you can support those efforts.

If you heeded all the warnings, you're likely fine. But spots or blurred vision that shows up 12 hours later or the next day might be a sign the sun's direct rays permanently hurt the retina.