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In the On Politics newsletter, a record midterms for women sets the stage for a record presidential campaign; plus, a barrier-breaking candidate in Texas and a new poll in California.

Launching your platform and initializing your monetization strategy is only the beginning. Sure, once your platform is implemented the money will start coming in, but how will you maintain that initi…

If you work for a big company, corporate travel means expense reports, company cards, and jumping through hoops to pick the right airline, hotel, and other arrangements to meet company guidelines. Wh…

Qualtrics, long one of Utah's standout cloud computing unicorns, will raise up to $200 million in an IPO.

The initiatives have two primary goals: to challenge restrictive measures advanced by emboldened states, and to bolster clinics in places friendlier to abortion rights that may become a lifeline.

'Halloween's Thursday gross landed right between 'Paranormal Activity 2' and 'Paranormal Activity 3.'

The church’s failure to police its own ranks has led some Catholics to call for a total housecleaning of all bishops who gave cover to abusive priests.

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Years ago, I found myself sitting in a small office discussing the idea of moving my family cross country and going into business with a man I barely knew. Prior to this meeting, we had only had a co…

On Thursdays, we highlight an oral history featuring a health care leader who shaped the past and laid the foundation for the future. Since 1978, the AHA has conducted more than 100 interviews as part of this project, and transcripts are available in the oral history collection on the AHA’s Resource Center webpage. The following oral history with Austin Ross comes from an interview conducted in 2011.

President Trump has been moving toward leaving the treaty because Russia has been violating it and because it is constraining American efforts to counter China in the Western Pacific.

In fact, statistics show that word of mouth marketing and peer to peer marketing are a huge driver in growth. 61% of people have recommended a local business to someone they know by word of mouth. Co…

The average age of the Broadway theatergoer last season was 40.6 — the lowest since 2000, the Broadway League says, and 15 percent of theatergoers were under 18.

Ice cream. When someone types the words “ice cream” into Google, there isn’t an ice cream ball’s chance in an oven that any marketer or advertiser would truly know what that searcher is looki…

The secret to an online store’s success is making a good first impression, and nothing does that better than good-quality product photography. When it comes to creating product listings for your on…

Come discuss the emotional and behavioral health of our students at the second Community Conversation hosted by North Thurston Public Schools. This conversation takes place at the District Office, 305 College St. NE on Tuesday, October 23.

OTTUMWA — Forget what your disabled loved ones can't do. Let's talk about what they can do. That's the advice of vocational counselors around Iowa, especially in October, during Disability

Wheelchair dancing couple Emily Preketes-Ashley and Paul Ashley are heading to America to perform at the World Latin Dance Cup

Whether you want a to pick your pumpkin off the vine or scope the spot with the most rides, we’ve rounded up our area's best pumpkin patches and dished on the farm extras.

Mathew A. Nicholls, MD, is an orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle.

Chicago’s subway has also been plagued by crumbling tracks, antiquated signals and unreliable trains. Here is how it turned around.