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Retired teacher Anne Schuessler decided to purchase Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) based on the uncertainty of the future. “I just wasn’t sure of what’s ahead for me and I felt this was kind of a safety net,” says 66-year-old Schuessler, who lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “My children live far away. If I needed some extra help, I could get it without having to bother my children.”
Schuessler can’t know if she’ll ever need long-term care, but she does know her LTCI…

Join Common Sense and the Stanford to discuss technology and well-being. Craig Newmark, Tristan Harris, and Dr. Jenny Radesky, plus other industry leaders and child health experts, will explore ethical design that creates a healthier digital ecosystem for all.

“Every single child should be afforded the opportunity to live, regardless of how they were conceived,” the document states.

Since 2010, a total of 21 states set historic lows in their unemployment rates. In April 2019, Pennsylvania (3.8 percent), Vermont (2.2 percent), and Wisconsin (2.8 percent) set new series lows. Vermont (2.2 percent) had the lowest unemployment rate in April 2019, while Alaska (6.5 percent) had the highest rate.

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We specialize in video production, organic and paid search, media buying, and more. In this three-part blog series, we’ll break down the intersections between AI, programmatic advertising, and social media. This post explores brand safety.

The new Nikkor Z14-30f4 has found a place in my kit. Its size, weight, image quality and fact it can accept filters, like the Nikon 82mm Neutral Color NC Filter which is always on the lens and the …

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In short order after the Trump administration announced a proposal to gut transgender non-discrimination protections at homeless shelters, Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.) has introduced legislation to block the change from going into effect.

Facebook is reported to be recruiting dozens of financial firms and online merchants to help launch a cryptocurrency-based payments system

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Mongolia’s annual Naadam Festival is the country’s favorite festival, showcasing Mongolia’s best in wrestling, horse racing and archery as well as uniquely Mongolian sports such a…

OFF Festival 2019. 2-4 sierpnia. Dolina Trzech Stawów. Katowice. Łączy nas muzyka. Łączą nas idee. 4 sceny. Prawie 100 artystów i najlepsza publiczność na Św...

Farmers lost NOK 800 million worth of salmon biomass in the ongoing algal bloom.

“Your money is no good here.” Right now, Ohioans with rent payment in hand are being turned away from decent housing in good neighborhoods

Canon announced the Sumire Prime lenses in April: seven full-frame cinema primes designed to add “a unique artistically pleasing look with gentle and beautiful skin tones and smooth bokeh” to Canon’s lens line. This is the first time Canon has named a series of lenses: “Sumire” (“Soo-me-ray”) is a Japanese word for “flower”, “purity”, or...

The East African country works on project to boost the aquaculture industry in the area.

Most people have a Plan A for Retirement which assumes things will go well. It's worth having a Plan B and C since life can be full of surprises.

Are you the type of boss that wants to walk into an office with happy and energetic employees? Do you……

Technology expert James O'Malley explains how London’s transport network is using wi-fi to simplify journeys.

Learn to develop leading-edge software—incorporating open source, AI, cloud technology, and distributed computing.

The state Health Department has received confirmation from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of three unrelated cases of rat lungworm disease diagnosed in visitors to Hawaii island.