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WASHINGTON (AP) — What were billed as the oldest fossils on Earth may just be some rocks, according to a new study. Two years ago, a team of Australian scientists found odd structures in Greenland that they said were partly leftovers from microbes that lived on an ancient seafloor. They were said to be 3. 7 billion years old, which suggests life formed quicker and easier than thought after Earth formed.

October is breast cancer awareness month which is why you may be seeing a lot more pink right now.
It's estimated one in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. Which is why it's important to know the facts, talk about early detection and look for ways to reduce the risks.
Dr. Anne McTiernan, a researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center says studies show moderate exercise can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

SEATTLE -- Voters will decide on the most comprehensive gun reform in Washington state history this November. Initiative I-1639 includes a collection of gun safety measures, most of which focus on semi-automatic rifles. The initiative would raise the minimum age to purchase a semi-automatic rifle to 21-years-old, add enhanced background checks and a 10-day waiting period ahead of the purchase, and require buyers to go through firearm safety training first.

Police are looking for a wide-eyed suspect they say was caught on camera running out of a Texas store with a massive quantity of Bud Light.

The 50-pound nose was taken from the front porch of the southeast Portland home either Sunday night or Monday morning.

Keisha Jeremie, owner of Sanaia Applesauce came into The Shark Tank hoping to secure a deal of $150,000 for a 15% share of the company. Sanaia is aiming to shake up the applesauce market in the same…

At least 92 people in 29 states have been infected with a strain of multidrug-resistant salmonella after coming into contact with a variety of raw chicken products, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday.

Erin Robertson came to The Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for 10% equity in her company, Ta-ta Towel. Erin invented this product after she was getting ready for a date and realize that she was sweating…

It's not often we can get clear skies in late October to be treated to the annual Orionid Meteor Shower, but it appears this year will be one of those lucky years. The meteor shower peaks late on Sunday night/Monday morning, although you might be able to catch a few in the week before and after, according to Space. com. Already, Greg Johnson at SkunkBayWeather. com has picked up a few on his nighttime web camera: The meteor shower is created from the…

Shed Defender, a company owned by brothers Tyson and Miles Walters of California, came into the Shark Tank seeking $250,000 for 10% equity of their business. The company’s flagship product is a…

Haven't you always wondered what it would be like to be inside of a beautiful and festive snow globe? WELL NOW IS YOUR CHANCE, BOO BOO KITTIES! Seattle's Enchant Christmas will turn Safeco Field into a winter wonderland complete with a 8,500 square foot ice skating rink shaped in lazy river style, huge light mazes with larger than life sculptures and illuminated archways, live music, a Christmas marketplace and more. So basically all of your holiday dreams in under one roof.

Washington might be the Evergreen State, but there's plenty of fall foliage to enjoy. From now until the first week of November is when leaf colors peak in the lowlands of Western Washington, but weather conditions will likely make this year's color more vibrant than usual.

But before you ask, Michael Cudlitz doesn't know if the episode he directed comes before or after the exit of star Andrew Lincoln

Text for departures At – or on your way to – your stop, text your transit stop ID to 62550 to find out when the next transit service is scheduled at your stop. Extended bus-only hours o…

A man in New York developed an extremely rare and fatal brain disorder after he ate squirrel brains, according to a new report of the case.

Members of Seattle’s Community Police Commission said they are reluctantly calling on the city council to reject a proposed labor contract between the city and the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild. They blamed Mayor Durkan’s negotiating team for what they described as a fatally flawed proposal.

Text for departures At – or on your way to – your stop, text your transit stop ID to 62550 to find out when the next transit service is scheduled at your stop. Extended bus-only hours o…

The beverage industry pours another $7 million into Initiative 1634, its measure that would ban other cities and counties from following Seattle's example and taxing sugary soft drinks.
Big Soda has now raised $20.21 to promote the measure, $9.6 million from Coca-Cola and $7.25 million from Pepsico. It is running a close second behind Big Oil in initiative spending. Oil companies have raised $22.127 million to fight Initiative 1631, which would slap a carbon fee on big polluters.