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Seattle's biggest and most lavish party returns for its 11th annual year -- and you're invited to partake in all the pageantry, entertainment and magic. Held at the newly renovated Seattle Design Center, the "Venice is Sinking" Masquerade Ball is a one-of-a-kind evening that gives you the perfect occasion to don on an elaborate costume, while also enjoying live music, dancing and performances. The ball features…

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EPA’s State Clean Diesel Program awarded a total of approximately $1.7 million to the six New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont to support states’ efforts to reduce diesel pollution.

We are still $8,000 shy of our 2017 year end goal—w e're so close! Can you help? Because of donors like you, we provided food nearly 70,000 times throughout 2017.
Thanks to donors like you, last week we met our $10,000 match! But we are still shy of our goal to raise $125K by year end. Any amount today makes a difference. Even $5 powers us in providing enough groceries for 18 meals.
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It’s great to have a job where you’re not stamping out the same widgets everyday, and Megan Dahlen has taken that love of new professional challenges to an extreme. As the general manager of global…

But there are signs that a gradual cooling is starting to take place in Seattle. That’s how other U.S. housing markets with the fastest home-price appreciation in recent years eventually wound down their boom — rather than with the boom-and-bust cycles of decades past.

Hedgehogs, bearded dragons, rabbits. ... Office animal parties are pitched as a way to reduce stress and cope with long work hours.

After Christmases dominated by all manner of crafty and conventionally-girlie gifts — paint sets, a sewing machine, an American Girl Doll, etc. — this holiday we’re attempting a bit of an experiment.

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisia tried to smooth out emerging tensions with the United Arab Emirates on Monday after Emirates airline barred Tunisian women from boarding its flights and the North African country responded by suspending the Dubai-based carrier's operations...

As the party in power continues to wrongly correct “Happy Holidays” wishers with “Merry Christmas,” we’d like to offer you a diverse round-up of our favorite seasonal fare, plucked from different parts of the calendar and with a wealth of genres that speak to the crossover power of seasonally appropriate joy. Regretfully, Hollywood continues to crank out Christmas movie after Christmas movie, ignoring many other wonderful…

Secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap finally lifted the veil on its first product this week: Magic Leap One, a portable AR headset system. The company has been prompting major hype in the…

Tech Tips: Here are the quickest and most efficient ways to share digital photos, whether you use an iPhone or Android device.

Property owners in high-tax states around the nation are trying to pay their property taxes now to avoid deduction limits that kick in next year, but King County isn’t accepting any early checks.

NASA has awarded the Aircraft Maintenance, Logistics, Integration, Configuration Management and Engineering (ALICE) contract to Yulista Tactical Services, LLC in Huntsville, Alabama.

Public nominations now are being accepted from U.S. citizens and organizations for potential membership on an advisory group that will represent the perspectives, interests and expertise of industry and other non-federal entities to the National Space Council.

Seattle Times graphic artist Gabriel Campanario was there as the wrecking ball came down on the shopping center adjacent to Rainier Tower this week.

The malware campaign has been expanded by the hackers to target popular retailers like Zara.

The flaw was first discovered in 1998 by Swiss cryptographer Daniel Bleichenbacher.