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Last week's windstorm cut the power to the Minter Creek Hatchery in Pierce County, in turn causing 6. 2 million Chinook Salmon fry to die. The back up generator failed which caused the pumps that brought water into the tanks to fail. The fish were kept in incubators at the hatchery. According to a press release from theWashington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), the inventory of fish lost are 4. 2 million Deshutes fall Chinook fry, 1.

Amazon has been making a Go of its cashier-less convenience stores for nearly a year, since opening its first location to the public in Seattle on Jan. 22. Tuesday the tech giant opens its ninth…

People in Utah may think twice about having that extra drink before driving home from their New Year's Eve parties.
Starting December 30, the state will lower its blood-alcohol content limit to 0.05, the strictest DUI standard in the nation.
The new law also states that anyone who "operates a motor vehicle in a negligent manner causing the death of another" and has a "blood alcohol concentration of .05 grams or greater" will have committed a criminal homicide, a felony.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and newcomer Beto O'Rourke top the authoritative Des Moines Register poll of 2020 Democratic presidential prospects. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, pondering a run, is nowhere to be found. The poll showed that half of the Democratic caucus-goers polled want a "seasoned hand" to take on an erratic President Trump, versus 36 percent who wish for a newcomer.

BERLIN (AP) — Workers at two Amazon distribution centers in Germany have gone on strike as part of a push for improved work conditions, leading to fears that Christmas orders may not arrive in time. The German news agency dpa reported that workers in Leipzig in eastern Germany and Werne in western Germany went on strike early Monday. The ver. di union representing the workers says Amazon employees receive lower wages than others in retail and mail-order jobs in Germany.

TACOMA -- More than 6 million fish were killed last weekend when a windstorm knocked the power out at a Pierce County salmon hatchery
About 6.2 million chinook salmon fry died when the power went out at the Minter Creek Hatchery, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said.
A pump that supplies water to the salmon fry incubator stopped working when the power went out and a backup generator failed. Staff tried to kickstart the generator and find other ways to keep…

WASHINGTON (AP) — The fight over President Donald Trump's $5 billion wall funds has deepened, threatening a partial government shutdown in a standoff that has become increasingly common in Washington
It wasn't always like this, with Congress and the White House at a crisis over government funding. The House and Senate used to pass annual appropriation bills, and the president signed them into law. But in…

The architect of Trump's immigration policies went on CBS' "Face the Nation" but all anyone noticed was what appeared to be spray-on hair

If you've never taken a scenic drive or stroll down Candy Cane Lane, you're missing out on a unique Seattle Christmas tradition.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has released a January 2017 FBI memo detailing the interview by agent Peter Strzok and another FBI agent with President Donald Trump's then-national security adviser, Michael Flynn.
In the interview described in the memo, Flynn lied about his contact with then-Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak.

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Just before Thanksgiving this year, the American public was warned to steer clear of all romaine lettuce due to an ongoing, multi-state outbreak of E.coli O157:H7, a particularly deadly strain of the bacteria that had... Read more »

Tired of Christmas songs? These podcasts will still keep spirits merry and bright, without all those earworms.

NEW YORK (AP) - A 1974 New York state ban on nunchucks that was put into place over fears that youth inspired by martial arts movies would create widespread mayhem is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment, a federal court has ruled
Judge Pamela Chen issued her ruling Friday in a Brooklyn federal court on the martial arts weapon made famous by Bruce Lee.
The plaintiff, James Maloney, started his legal quest after being charged with possession of nunchucks in his home in 2000.…

In this two-part blog series, we will look at three key areas (based on various research studies and interviews with finance leaders) that are critical for advancing analytics in the finance function: a core technology foundation, strategic business partnerships, and leadership.

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - An Iowa congressman likely violated a host of ethics rules in his private business dealings, including his ownership in a company that used false claims and House resources to promote itself, according to an independent report released Monday
The Office of Congressional Ethics launched the review into Republican Rod Blum and his internet marketing business, Tin Moon Corp., following an investigation…

LOS ANGELES (AP) - "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star Alfonso Ribeiro is suing the creators of Fortnite and NBA 2K for using his famous dance on the popular video games
In separate lawsuits filed Monday in federal court, Ribeiro alleges that Fortnite-maker Epic Games and 2K Sports-creator Take-Two Interactive used his dance dubbed "The Carlton Dance" without permission or credit
Ribeiro's dance was popularized through…

Angela Stowell, FareStart CEO, shares about her first few months at FareStart.We all have a part to play to take action to end poverty and homelessness in our community and even though it's hard work, we can do it together.