Japanese Restaurants in Seattle, WA - King County

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Restaurants/Food & Dining in Wallingford, Seattle

1618 N 45th St

Wallingford Seattle, WA

(206) 632-7010

Shiki Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurants in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

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4 W Roy St

Lower Queen Anne Seattle, WA

(206) 281-1352

Sushi Tokyo

Sushi, Buffet, Bar, Restaurant
Sushi Restaurants in Roosevelt, Seattle

6311 Roosevelt Way NE

Roosevelt Seattle, WA

(206) 526-2935

Wasabi Sushi & Izakaya

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Seattle, WA

2311 2nd Ave

Seattle, WA

(206) 441-6044


Japanese Restaurants in SEATTLE, WA

Sunny Teriyaki

Japanese Restaurants in Haller Lake, Seattle

Ramen Kukai Izakaya

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Maple Leaf, Seattle

319 NE Thornton Pl

Maple Leaf Seattle, WA

(206) 946-6792

Kukai Ramen and Izakaya

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Capitol Hill, Seattle

320 E Pine St

Capitol Hill Seattle, WA

(206) 420-1497

Aloha Ramen

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Olympic Hills, Seattle

3004 NE 127th St

Olympic Hills Seattle, WA

(206) 365-0149

Happy Teriyaki

Japanese Restaurants in Downtown, Seattle

823 3rd Ave Ste 109

Downtown Seattle, WA

(206) 224-4444

Setsuna Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurants in Northgate, Seattle

11204 Roosevelt Way NE

Northgate Seattle, WA

(206) 417-3175

Toshi's Teriyaki the Original

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Laurelhurst, Seattle

3715 NE 45th St

Laurelhurst Seattle, WA

(206) 524-1174

Tokyo Garden Teriyaki

Restaurants/Food & Dining in University District, Seattle

4337 University Way NE

University District Seattle, WA

(206) 632-1588

Daiso Japan

Ethnic Goods & Stores in Downtown, Seattle

400 Pine St

Downtown Seattle, WA

(206) 447-6211

Japan Express

Japanese Restaurants in Downtown, Seattle

Downtown Seattle, WA

(206) 587-0228