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Check out the deal on Night Chase - Backup sight with IR Illum/Laser at Night Optics USA | Night Vision & Thermal Imaging | Huntington Beach, CA

If you were like most of us growing up, you heard one or more adults yell this when you attempted to adjust the climate in the house
The thermostat was a mystical, magical device that only adults could touch.
Well, thank goodness things have changed!
As training facilitators, we can not only touch the thermostat in our own homes, but we are responsible for the climate in our learning environments.
Setting the proper learning climate is essential to help adults learn and it…

Long Beach State will officially dedicate the Dan Bailey Sports Medicine Center this Thursday evening, June 14th starting at 5:30 p.m. The Sports Medicine Center is to be renamed in honor and memory of the LBSU legend.

Night Optics USA, Inc. is widely recognized as an innovative industry leader and provider of professional quality, competitively priced night vision products. Our achievements are the result of a highly qualified team of professionals experienced in manufacturing and worldwide distribution of night vision and thermal technologies for commercial, law enforcement and military applications.

If you've tried eating walnuts or working crossword puzzles to get smarter, think again.

CG Technology released spreads for every NFL game for Weeks 1-16 of the 2018 season.

Swipe Back and Forth between Web Pages for Easier Navigation
For navigation, every Web browser offers back and forward buttons, generally represented by arrows in the upper left of the toolbar. You can also navigate by choosing menu commands and typing keyboard shortcuts—did you know that Command-Left arrow and Command-Right arrow work too? But if you’re using a Mac with a trackpad, you can move back…

TV™ Remote
The new 2017 VIZIO SmartCast Displays include a SmartCast Remote2 to easily navigate your display and provide quicker access to your favorite content with direct-to-app buttons.
SmartCast Mobile.™
Download VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™ to turn your phone into a powerful touchscreen remote with access to even more apps. Simply tap to cast content to the big screen.
Chromecast built-in.
Every VIZIO SmartCast Display has Chromecast…

Trading Faces: Picking a Better Face for People Photos Recognizes
Apple’s Photos app is remarkably good at identifying people in your snapshots and collecting all the pictures that contain a particular person into a group in its People view. At its top level, the People view shows a thumbnail photo for each person, picking one automatically from all the available photos. Needless to say, it doesn’t always pick the photo you want, so if you dislike what’s there, you can change it easily…

Create and Name Reminders Lists to Use Them Via Siri
Do you create reminders with Siri on the iPhone? Those reminders are automatically added to your default list, which you set in Settings > Reminders > Default List. That’s great generally—“Hey Siri, remind me to update watchOS tonight at 11 PM”—but less good when you want to maintain different shopping lists. For instance, create a list…

Team M&M has gone fun size
No, we haven’t actually shrunk, but based on your feedback we have shrunk our learning experiences
Introducing our new, Training Essentials Virtual Minis designed with you in mind!
What’s a Training Essential Virtual Mini?
A 60-minute, dynamic, virtual learning experience bursting with ‘just in time’ tools, tips and expertise that you can use as soon as you sign off.

from Mira Loma, CA
says: “Mark came right up and greeted us. He took us to a bed that you ...”

This summer, Mark Wahlberg returns to the big screen in explosive fashion with Mile 22. The action flick is directed by Peter Berg, with Wahlberg playing an elite American intelligence officer who...

You feel really good about the feedback you receive and the progress they have made
And then you get the email:
“We would like Sasha Student to be retrained on the MiniSoft system.”
Believe it or not, you’re not alone. But there is help. Enter Post Training Performance Analysis.
This little bugger (which we designed) helps you pinpoint the problem. Together with the manager/supervisor, you run down the following list of questions and STOP when the answer is “no.” At that point,…

Take your own professional-looking product photos using equipment and techniques so easy and affordable it's just ridiculous. Also learn about the art of lig...

Hungry? Honor your appetite with food from our delicious artisan menu made from better-for-you ingredients. Satisfying healthy appetites & healthy lifestyles!

Memorial Day is behind us, and the year’s first wave of big films, like Infinity War and Solo, have come and gone. Now we’re really into the heat of the summer season, and June 2018 is packed with...

Popcorn, soda, action! AMC has everything you need to make this summer spectacular, and Dolby Cinema™ takes your movie-going experience to another level with dramatic imaging, moving audio and...