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For the first time in history, a pair of rare white giraffes have been caught on camera in Kenya. And they are truly a sight to behold. In the clip, the mother and child – who both suffer from Leucism, a genetic condition which prevents pigmentation – can be seen wandering around the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy. …

The Zombie is a fun cocktail filled with rum and fruit juices, making it a popular option in the tiki cocktail scene. Find two popular Zombie recipes.

Coffee lovers rejoice and behold the glory that is this new giant coffee museum in Italy. Lavazza, the fourth largest coffee company in the world, has opened a brand new coffee museum in Turin, Italy, and it is everything every caffeine freak could…

PROVO, Utah – Long Beach State scored three second-half goals to rally from a 1-0 deficit and claim an important win by a 3-1 margin, the program's first ever at BYU. Ashley Gonzales, Taylor Bistline and Rola Badawiya scored the goals for Long Beach State.

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September 29, 2018
October 3, 2018
Comerica Bank 2018 Tax Return Evening @ 5-7pm, Comerica Bank, 6451 PCH Suite 17, Long Beach, Ca 90803

An important positive change to federal laws involving saltwater fishing is moving through Congress and your senators need to hear from you today. The Modern Fish Act will help improve public access to America’s federal waters, promote conservation of natural marine resources, and spur economic growth by fixing key issues in the law governing marine fisheries. Ask your senators to support this legislation to help ensure…

“ihateit” taken from the new album ‘ERASE ME’ out now! DIGITAL: found.ee/eraseme SPOTIFY: found.ee/erasemespotify BUNDLES: found.ee/unde...

We know a few big things about Venom, opening October 5, because star Tom Hardy has confirmed that it is inspired by a specific comic book storyline. Venom draws from the popular “Lethal Protector”...

When rising sea levels start to drown wetlands that protect coastal buildings and homes, it’s up to researchers to find a solution.

First light Friday gave perspective to the destruction of Hurricane Florence in New Bern, North Carolina, where storm surge and heavy rains have inundated the small city. Video from New Bern's waterfront shows storm surge flowing over Front Street, as well as sunken boats and damaged docks at a nearby marina. More than 100 people who disregarded evacuation orders in New Bern are awaiting rescue Friday morning, officials say.

The internet has become an increasingly important marketing avenue for the marine and recreation industries, and understanding all the available tools is a critical part of optimizing marketing efforts and successfully engaging customers and others via the internet
Having an effective social media presence is now a "must have", and keeping it fresh and engaging is the key to enhancing your digital footprint. Kevin Parker…

Phone interviews are an expected part of today’s hiring process, and Hiring Managers like to use them as a way to pre-screen the candidate before considering a face-to-face interview. Succeeding in…

Whether or not you’re familiar with the Godfather movie and this (similar) famous line
I know you’ll agree with me that given the choice, you would choose cannoli over PowerPoint
Aside from the obvious decadent and delicious choice, there is another reason to choose the cannoli.
Cannoli can stand on its own. PowerPoint cannot.
Cannoli can be treated as a meal replacement. Believe me, I’ve done…

Rum is a reliably sociable spirit. You couldn’t drag it away from the party if you tried. Fast and loose by nature, it mixes happily with most drinks and situations. Still nursing a pounding head today following a heavy Notting Hill Carnival? You can likely testify to rum’s punchy potency.

Biomethane is methodically finding its way into mainstream fuel supplies as tech giants and others invest to claim “carbon neutrality” in their supply chain.

Halloween is coming. We're heading Into the Night with I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. Get your look for the night, before it's too late. Shop Halloween:...

Blurry vision, glare, and poor night vision are typical symptoms of cataracts. WebMD explains the condition with pictures including the causes, treatment options, and recovery.

A group of firefighters were trying to bring down a tree and it looked like they were struggling quite a bit. Luckily though, a dog who was just passing by with it’s owner decided to help them out and join in their effort to get the tree to fall
The firemen were pulling on a rope which was tied around the tree as hard as they could but it hardly budged. When the dog saw the extra length of rope, it decided to…

Q: I have a few coffee shops in my area that generate a lot of coffee ground waste. Is there a way I could use those grounds in my garden and would it be

A surfing institution based in San Francisco, Silver Lake and Venice Beach.

2018 might be the strongest year for film that we’ve seen in a while. We’ve had the blockbusters covered, with films like Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Now...

Renewable Natural Gas Leaders to Share Expertise on Developing Biogas Projects at "Power of Waste" Conference
SoCalGas, PG&E and Energy Vision to host third annual "Power of Waste" conference, a free workshop on the role of this renewable fuel in meeting California's climate and clean air goals
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Leaders in the renewable natural gas industry will gather in…

Step out, in style, with the retro-inspired striped Ricardo Hybrid Trunk. No matter if you are beachside or spending the day in town, these trunks offer a versatile look for day or night, on and off the sand. 88%/polyester/12% spandex Front pockets with mesh drain channels Boat rope drawstring Snap fly closure Inner

A new 11.9-liter engine achieved California’s lowest smog-forming emissions standard, and maintained those emissions during all types of driving.

Having Dr. Ong as my dentist the passed 6 years has changed how I think about going to the dentist. Now it’s a visit that I always enjoy. All the staff are super friendly and professional at all times. If your are a bit uncomfortable going to the dentist I ask you to try this amazing office because it’s been a wonderful experience from day one. Thank you Dr Ong and your staff.