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The No. 1 Long Beach State men's volleyball team will take on No. 6 UCLA on Saturday, January 19 at 7 p.m. inside Pauley Pavilion. Saturday's contest is a rematch of the 2018 National Championship match and marks the first time the Beach will be back in Pauley since defeating UCLA in five sets last May. The contest can be streamed on Pac-12.com.

This 1970 Pontiac GTO can be considered a true GOAT: beautiful body, clean interior, just the right amount of tweaking, and a thumping 428 under the hood.

As much as audiences love to see originality and risky projects from influential storytellers at the multiplex, they also turn out in droves for sequels. Always have, probably always will. When...

The Long Beach State women's basketball team pulled out a gritty 61-58 win over Cal Poly on Thursday night to win their fourth straight contest. The Beach had three players reach double figures as they move to 2-0 in Big West action.

WHY Are We Doing This
We’re busy people.
In our rush from meeting to meeting and project to project, it’s important we keep things straight in our heads.
This goes double for learners in a training environment.
First, they don’t want to be there and second, they hate to have their time wasted (hence the not wanting to be there!).
In order to help our learners keep things organized in their heads, we need to effectively process their learning experiences.
In other words,…

Marine Recreation Association - MRA - provides marina and boating information to marina owners, boaters, and boating industry businesses, with an annual marina conference

Following Breitbart News' latest bombshell report on Google's blacklisting of pro-life YouTube videos, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) commented on the company's manipulative actions. Rep. Gohmert told Breitbart News: "If Mr. Pichai lied to Congress, he was under oath and it would be a criminal matter for a Grand Jury."

Happy Hot Buttered Rum Day! Perhaps the Perfect Winter drink. Here are today’s five things to know about Hot Buttered Rum: Hot Buttered Rum is a mixed drink containing rum, butter, hot cider, sugar…

This Is Hands-Down the Easiest Way to Give Someone Your Wi-Fi Network Password
You know the drill—a friend comes to visit and wants to get on your Wi-Fi network. You’ve written the password down somewhere, but where? Even if you have it handy, it’s a pain for your friend to type in. Since macOS 10.13 High Sierra and iOS 11, Apple’s operating systems can make connecting a lot easier. Have your guest choose your network, and then put their device next to one…

No matter how fast your Mac was when it was new, the time will come when apps launch slowly, the spinning beachball appears more often, and everything responds sluggishly. Such problems won’t happen all the time, and you can often fix them by quitting a piggy app or restarting your Mac. But if these problems are happening more frequently, one possible fix is to install more RAM. Also known as random-access memory, RAM is the temporary working space where macOS loads apps and…

For the fourth year in a row, the CBC will bring the marine industry and boating community together at the California State Capital to advocate for issues affecting this important part of our state's economy and culture, and chart the future of boating policy in California
This year's Congress will kick off Tuesday evening, March 5th at 5:30 PM, with a cocktail reception for attendees at…

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'For more than 30 years, The Pink Floyd LaserSpectacular has blown rock fans away with 10,000 watts of concert-quality sound and mind-expanding visual effects, including five sold-out shows at The Carpenter Center in Long Beach. Now it\'s back with awesome multi-screen video projections, cutting-edge lasers and 3D visuals, all perfectly synced with the band\'s classic rock anthems. Sit back, relax and let Pink Floyd\'s music take…

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I'm a bit of an addict, although I suspect my poison of choice is pretty benign. I, like many, am obsessed with coffee. After all, coffee is healing, and therefore modern-day magic. So what could be better than a good cup of coffee? How about a good…

TV™ Remote
The new 2017 VIZIO SmartCast Displays include a SmartCast Remote2 to easily navigate your display and provide quicker access to your favorite content with direct-to-app buttons.
SmartCast Mobile.™
Download VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™ to turn your phone into a powerful touchscreen remote with access to even more apps. Simply tap to cast content to the big screen.
Chromecast built-in.
Every VIZIO SmartCast Display has Chromecast…

Siri in Mojave Now Supports HomeKit and Find My iPhone
Siri on the Mac hasn’t been as useful as on iOS devices, but with macOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple enhanced the Mac version of Siri in a variety of ways. Apple says that Siri now knows about food, celebrities, and motorsports, but more interesting is how you can ask Siri to control your HomeKit devices (“Turn on the bedroom lights.”) and locate your iOS devices or AirPods via Find My iPhone (“Where is my…

I love the staff and environment here at this office. Everyone is friendly, it’s neat and clean in there and they always leave me with a (cleaner) smile on my face!

NGVAmerica has released four new fact sheets touting the benefits of using natural gas for heavy-duty trucks, school buses, and refuse and transit

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Since January 1, neither CNN nor MSNBC has booked an Angel Mom — mothers of children killed by illegal aliens — as a guest on their networks.

The luxurious Lund ZX series pontoon boats are true to Lund’s DNA and offers the best quality, craftsmanship and durability on the market. The ZX series offers a variety of pontoon boat floor plans to choose from. The cruise models are perfect for tubing, skiing, wake boarding, swimming or just relaxing, while our fishing pontoons are perfect for any angler.

The member to member discount list is updated on a regular basis, so check back often to see if there are any members providing special incentives that are right for your business or personal needs
To receive your discount, just present your Seal Beach Chamber member identification card. Only Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce members may receive these discounts. All employees of chamber businesses can use the discounts. If you need a card or would like extra cards to distribute to employees, email…

Learn about Clean Energy Fuels supplying Redeem RNG to intermodal trucking company Overseas Freight.

We’ve all witnessed toddlers having a meltdown
Whether our own children or someone else’s, the behaviors are pretty much the same:
· Face contorting
· Body thrown to the floor and flailing about
Unfortunately, we see similar behaviors in our own organizations when folks don’t get their way OR when they are forced to attend training that they don’t think they need.
Adults don’t like to have their time wasted. Period.
We can do all we can to prepare learners before training but…