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Applying AI to Melanoma Detection
It has been said that “melanoma writes its message on the skin with its own ink for all of us to see, so why is it so hard to detect?” asked Dr. Susan Swetter of Stanford University at the 2018 annual MRA retreat. Early detection saves lives, given the 95 percent ten-year survival rate for patients diagnosed with very early stage melanoma . However, that ink is hard to read. There are various visual clues that can indicate…

Suzanne Olbricht, MD, Chief of Dermatology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, shares tips for avoiding sunburns.

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Niki Steele signed up for A New Me with one set of expectations and finished it three months later with a whole new perspective, although she says the result matched

7/12/2018 by Dr. Summer Allen
There are millions of mosquitoes swarming this summer, sucking blood and leaving itchy, red bumps on the skin. Mosquitoes are pesky parasites that leave bites that can be unbearably itchy. So what's the best way to cope with this summertime nuisance
The best way to keep mosquito bites to a minimum is to
Use repellent sprays or wipes containing DEET, picardin…

The triple digits have arrived, and we can't forget that our four-legged friends need to stay cool, too. Ashlee DeMartino has some advice on heat safety for your pets.

A solid argument could be made for both sides of this debate. On one hand, letting cats go outdoors is a way to indulge in their natural instincts, encourage exercise, and promote emotional and mental health. But on the other hand, indoor cats tend to have longer lifespans, they can be just as healthy, if…

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Close watchers of this year's World Cup may have noticed players engaging in an odd practice: They'll take a swig of liquid, but instead of swallowing, they'll spit it out.

In recent years, more and more patients around the world are logging into their health records online—but few Canadians have access to this service...

Decades ago, hundreds of nuns and priests made an extraordinary decision: They agreed to donate their brains upon death to science, hoping to help solve mysteries about Alzheimer's and other diseases. Now, a study that used their gifts is giving some clues. It reveals that high blood pressure...

Desert Mountain High School has been recognized by the National Association for Music Education with a scholarship award for its music students. The award honors schools across the nation for their excellence in service and leadership. The National Chapter of the Year Program is designed to motivate and reward chapters that perform service projects, encourage …

Summers can be rough for pet owners in Tucson. The heat makes it difficult for your pet to stay hydrated and limits their time to be walked or even to be outside.

These 20 healthy drinks can improve your skin, replenish electrolytes, support healthy teeth and gums, improve digestion, and help your body detox.

It boils down to what’s in the term sunburn: “sun” and “burn.” Simply put, the sun burns your skin. And the result can be pain, redness, blisters and peeling skin.

The world of direct mail can sometimes be tricky to navigate. While trying to remember all of the goals you have in mind, and everything you need to do to