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If you’ve spent any time reading digital marketing blogs in the past few years, you have probably heard the buzzwords “content marketing” and “sales automation” mentioned.
What you may not have heard was how to combine the two sales and marketing approaches to really hit a home run with your prospects and customers.
Before we discuss combining content marketing and sales automation, let us look a little closer at these two digital marketing approaches.

Content marketing generates 3x more leads than outbound marketing and costs as much as 62% less. It is cheaper and more result-oriented. And at the heart of every successful content strategy is not just the brains behind its execution, but the content itself
This is what makes content the driving force on the internet. Search engines and social media sites exists largely because of content.
Today, more than half of 18 to 49-year old people get their news and information from the internet…

Though being an influencer looks easy and glamorous from the outside, those of us on the inside know it is anything but. Building an audience and putting out great content that people respond to takes a lot of hard work, experimentation, and trial and error. Coming up with original content on a daily basis is no small task. Yet no matter what industry you’re in or who your audience is, you’ll need to pump out high-quality content regularly if you want to see…

For some people, stability is the norm. They’re successful, happy and blissfully unaware of just how lucky they are to be in such a comfortable position. For the rest of us, chaos is the status quo…

This all-girls, all abilities 8-week mountain bike program focuses on fun and games, improving skills while riding trails at Deleveaga Park in Santa Cruz.

When it comes to planning a trip or vacation, it can be exciting — yet sometimes it feels weirdly daunting and stressful. Travel is pricey, and the financial burden is often a big reason people for…

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mint opinions and text are all mine. While I love making healthy recipes, I often get messages from people who think that eating healthy…

AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations), is a relatively new industry term that is increasingly being associated with a new breed of IT management vendors. However, nearly all AIOps companies did not start with fully-fledged AI capability from the outset – they have all evolved from network monitoring, application monitoring, service desk or infrastructure monitoring.

When marketing and sales work together in close alignment, they can help companies close 38% more deals.
Sales enablement connects marketing and sales by the key roles each plays in educating prospects, closing deals and contributing to growth.
Marketing teams provide sales organizations with tools and curated information. This includes blog posts, external content, best practices and tools.

Scoop.it Enterprise: The Alternative to Google+ Communities - Discover how Scoop.it can help you to share knowledge privately within your company

Learn how to make the most out of content in your market intelligence strategy, from screening content on the web through to sharing knowledge privately.

The car show begins with registration at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Show participants then engage in a police-escorted cruise along East Cliff Drive to Capitola. The cruise will then travel to Skypark Park in Scotts Valley where cars will be displayed to the public
Registered cars will be judged, and the best two cars in each category will be honored with a plaque. In addition, one participant will receive the Chief's Choice award for Best in Show and their vehicle will be…

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary
Artist Application is Now open
The Scotts Valley Art, Wine & Beer Festival is a two-day event held in a beautiful open park setting on the expansive lawn at Skypark in Scotts Valley. In addition to the fine art, there is delicious cuisine, live music, a Kids Fun Zone and the area's most prestigious wineries and award-winning micro-breweries pouring their best. The…

Autotune access is the newest edition of autotune plugin by antares. In this tutorial Reid Stefan realest puppet in the game reviews Autotune Access and does...

Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) is among the most hyped storage technologies of 2019 – and for good reason. As previously covered by Storage Switzerland, NVMe’s ability to increase queue depths …

NVMe storage systems and NVMe networks promise to reduce latency further and increase performance beyond what SAS based flash systems and current networking technology can deliver. To take advantag…

These days, it seems like you can find anything on the Internet. It’s true and there’s even a statistic that around 30% of all content on the web is duplicate
Content repurposing is not something new to marketers, but they constantly look for different ways how to introduce existing content from a fresh perspective.
Why Repurpose Content?
Content is the modern currency. The more value it brings, the more you can benefit from it. Repurposing content can help your business grow without having…

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Closed to Build Retaining from Winter Damage
Roadway Closed to Traffic September 29 through February 2, 2018
E Cliff Dr
Road Closures and Delays Necessary for Installation of a Bluff Protection Structure and Roadway Improvements
Traffic Will Be Subject To Delays With Potential Lane Closures October 2 , 2016 through April 26, 2018 8:30 am through 4:30 pm Weather Permitting
Hutchinson Rd
Roadway Closed for Necessary…

Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents. In scientific usage, rat applies to any of 56 rodent species in the genus Rattus. These are also known

From spiders and cockroaches to house mice and raccoons, read about some common pests that invade the home during the winter months and how to prevent a pest infestation.

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Mice are small rodents with pointed noses, furry round bodies, large ears and long, often hairless, tails. There are hundreds of species of mice.

A man who is thought to have targeted eight separate bike shops in attempts to steal high end bikes is being sought by police in southern California.

Check out Auto-Tune Access | bit.ly/2MzMGAm Check out Plugin Deals | bit.ly/2MzjIAD In this video, Itamar Gov-Ari demonstrates the power of the...

If there's one New Year's resolution you should keep, it's pest-proofing your home this winter. Read helpful tips on home pest-proofing from PestWorld.org.

Register as an artist today to become a part of Scotts Valley's Signature Summer Festival! Early bird registration ends June 15th and after that prices will go up.