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We have recently opened an account with Green Bottle Redemption Center at 1809 Altamont Ave. Rotterdam, (518) 265-1420. Thank you to Kathy Desbiens, [...]

The company will be at that business incubator until its new space is built

Learning to communicate our thoughts, feelings, wants and needs is pretty important in life! Whether a student is learning to [...]

Browse through our stunning Ghana image gallery including photos of its vibrant markets, colourful festivals, unusual mud mosques and fascinating history.

Electronic forms — also referred to as e-forms — are not new, but there are many businesses and organizations that still use paper forms. Many forms are prefilled, printed, and then used to record a signature. Some companies use a word-processing program to create a fillable PDF and end up printing the form to retain a paper document. If your business hasn’t made the switch, read on below to learn nine compelling reasons your business should make the move now to abandon paper…

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What you need to know for 03/16/2017

Unforgettable true story of Christian, the lion bought at Harrods by John Rendall and Ace Bourke, raised in Fulham, and released into the wild in Kenya. The touching reunion clip in Africa was a YouTube sensation. Features an update on Christian's le

Our Physical Therapist, Mr. Joe, and our Occupational Therapists, Ms. Caitlin and Ms. Gretchen are super busy and exquisitely fun. [...]

Here are some tips that you should try while preparing your small business for an emergency situation.