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To hear it from Lois, age is just a number. “I love it here,” she said of Cedar Home, where she currently lives. “I still like to go out and be with friends.” At 73 years old, Lois is still young at heart and eager to be out and about as much as she can. … read more

The Best Travel Agent Opportunity as and Independent Contractor. Work from home or if you are local, our beautiful office in Schaumburg Illinois. (Chicago Su...

Branch transformation has been a trending topic for quite some time, and the discussion has historically involved reaching a young, technology-savvy demographic, providing operational efficiencies, and increasing revenue. But branch transformation, at its core, is about serving one major purpose: improving the

Awarded and recognized for excellent recreational activities in Schaumburg including programs, facilities, parks, sports, and environmental stewardship.

Higher education campuses are a rapidly-changing environment. Mobile is transforming every facet of campus life for this generation of students, including access control technology.
Convergint, along with partner HID Global, can implement HID Mobile Access®, which enables students and faculty to use their smartphone,

The Tool Pro is a unique tool holding device for the assembly and disassembly of tooling systems. Depressing the large gold button permits the adapter to rot...

In today's video I am taking you along with my on a San Diego food tour. When I travel my favorite thing to do it EAT. When I am on vacation I make it a poin...

It’s so tempting, isn’t it? There’s more to beta-testing than sending reports of problems to Apple. Here are some vital considerations.

Two students from Township High School District 211 recently completed their terms as the Student Advisor Trustees for the Schaumb…

While the financial industry faces a multitude of risks that evolve and change daily, none is more alarming than the threat of fraud. As criminals continue to become more sophisticated in their strategies and the risk paradigm becomes more complex, banks and credit unions stand to face significant loss if

CT confirmed total collapse secondary to a T4N3M1 lung tumor.
White-out of the hemithorax on CXR has a limited number of causes. The differential diagnosis can be shortened further with one simple observation - the position of the trachea. Is it...

One of the most common treatment methods to alleviate muscular pain and post-work out soreness is the foam roller and there is a good reason for that. Foam rollers are a great treatment option to mobilize tight tissue especially for larger areas on your body that you want to address. But what if you want to really zone in on a particularly small area of tight muscle? What if the muscle you want to address isn’t easily mobilized with a foam roller? What…

With school safety becoming a growing concern, it's critical for administrators and parents to do everything possible to proactively enhance the effectiveness of safety and security protocols in and around schools. In coordination with the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS), Convergint Technologies has integrated the PASS safety standards for K-12 school security

St. Joseph Orphanage in Cincinnati, OH had new security cameras installed through Convergint's STEP Up for Schools social responsibility initiative. General Manager Steve McCarthy spoke to WLWT Cincinnati on the importance of this program and why giving back is a central pillar of Convergint's cultural philosophy. As part of

When Convergint joined forces with ICD Security Solutions in late 2013, Convergint established itself as a top global security integrator, serving Fortune 500 companies in both North America and Asia (and now also in EMEA). ICD has offices all across Asia, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Australia, and Singapore.

In March of 2019, Amy Scheller became the Naperville Fire Department’s first female deputy chief after serving for more than 20 years.

Home For Rent This one won’t last long. 2500 square foot Split Level Single Family Home available for immediate occupancy! Hardwood Floors Throughout, Large Yard, Mature Trees. Updated 1st floor with a beautiful open concept featuring a gorgeous picture window. 2 full-size baths on the second floor with the 4 bedrooms, 1 full sized bath …

With timeless elegance, modern technology and confident performance, the Audi A3 redefines success. Discover it today.

Convergint Technologies has expanded its capabilities recently by opening the Macon, Georgia Convergint Technology Center (CTC) to cover a larger footprint in the southeastern United States. This CTC’s reach extends through all of Macon and, combined with existing CTCs, covers the entire state of Georgia.

This demo will show you how to capture expenses from any mobile device, submit expense reports to your manager, and learn what it looks like to approve a report.

David F. is a 67-year old Little City resident with developmental disabilities who is quickly aging out of his current home. David has lived at Little City’s Cherry Home for seven years. And while David – who is now legally blind – has needs that have changed, the home has remained virtually the same. Within … read more

In an effort to strengthen school safety, Convergint gave back to 18 schools on June 18, 2019 through its STEP Up for Schools initiative. As part of its 18th annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day, the STEP Up program aims to increase safety and security in

Case 18: Diagnosis - Sinus histiocytosis (also known as Rosai-Dorfman disease). A 2-year old with a left neck mass enlarging in size over 1 month

The 56th Annual Little City Invitational raised more than $260,000 on June 17th as roughly 170 golfers came to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on a beautiful day at Twin Orchard Country Club in Long Grove. Funds raised at Monday’s event will go to support programs across Little City and vital training courses … read more

Partnering with Avigilon, Convergint can implement License Plate Recognition (LPR) analytics to help healthcare facilities to manage parking issues and make them more secure.

Researchers from Emory University developed an abbreviated MRI protocol for brain scans of pediatric patients with headaches, dramatically reducing the need to sedate the children, according to a study published in the June issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.

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This story written by Little City Coach Maggie Brennan Two new friends bound by one hug from someone with Down syndrome. Special Olympics State Games were approaching and 18 athletes from Little City were participating in their final practices, packing their suitcases, grabbing their pillows and blankets and making their way to the Recreation Center … read more

The 2019 Little City Special Olympics team is proof that big things can come in small packages. Whether it is the big-time strength of Jimmy S. – who swept his powerlifting competition to take home four gold medals, the big heart of Simone who helped a first-time Summer Games athlete feel safe instead of nervous … read more

Buying a home can feel overwhelming if you're not sure where to start. Follow these steps to understand the home buying process.

September 24–27, 2019 |Las Vegas, NV. Join thousands of SAP users and experts for four days of learning and innovation in Las Vegas. Take part in learning sessions, hands-on and demos while networking with exhibitors, partners, and industry experts.

To thrive as a healthcare facility, it’s more important than ever to make patient and staff safety a top priority and meet the evolving range of threats. While this need is often met using basic security surveillance, new frontiers in video networks can improve patient care and