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Getting fertility benefits in the right place isn’t easy but when companies do get it right, it can send a powerful statement about company culture to prospective and current employees.

Perfectly polished nails look great, but they could be hiding a sinister secret.

Dr. Lauren Doyle demonstrates use of the Foot Rubz ball for loosening the Plantar Fascia. This item is available in our clinic as part of our Heel Pain Kit f...

Dr. Lauren Doyle demonstrates the Achilles Stretch 2, which stretches two different muscles for part of a treatment plan for Plantar Fasciitis.

Dr. Lauren Doyle demonstrates proper technique for the Broken Toe Pose for Plantar Fasciitis.

For this author, monthly menstrual pain seemed normal—until she began digging deeper into what she’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School.

A lactation suite is now available at Soldier Field for moms to have a private space to nurse or use a breast pump at the stadium.

Gum disease is a bigger problem than you might think. More than half of all adults over age 30 have it, and that figure jumps to 70% of adults over 65. If left untreated, gum (periodontal) disease can eventually loosen teeth and cause them to fall out. It can also cause health issues outside of the

If you're taking time to work out, you want to do what's best so you achieve great results. So, what is the best type of cardio for you? Let's find out.

As we head into week 2 of the 2018 football season, many fantasy football players are looking to fill holes in their roster caused by injuries and poor

Male infertility is now the most common reason for couples to seek IVF - but men often feel alone.

Bad day at work? Go for a run. Kids being crabby? Go for a run. Learn your child has an incurable genetic disorder? You have permission to cry and breakdown, then pick yourself up and go for a run, says this mom and soon-to-be-marathoner.

You love your video games, but how much is too much? Find out in this article for kids.

Here's the frustrating reality about seeking medical treatment as a woman: conditions are often underdiagnosed, and patients' concerns are often dismissed. That's the case with endometriosis — though not all those who experience it are women. The…

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Athletico Athletic Trainer Tyler recently had the opportunity to join the U-18 Men’s National Soccer Team (MNT) on their trip to the Czech Republic for

Schaumburg Cosmetic & Family Dentist Dr. Mark A. Ferrari provides patients in the Schaumburg area with the best dental care possible for routine cleanings, teeth whitening, toothaches and more.

If your smile is, to put it mildly, “unattractive,” you may think only extensive and expensive dental work can change it. But depending on your teeth’s actual condition, you might be able to obtain a new smile with a less-invasive option: porcelain veneers.As their name implies, ve

Using this robotic system, surgeons can operate with more precision and efficiency.

Nearly a quarter of 14-year-old girls in the UK have self-harmed, with many facing overwhelming pressures over looks and sexuality, a new report says.

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Whether you're running a marathon or a 5K race, these tips will increase your chances for success.

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Complete the short questionnaire to receive a rating for your spine function and effects on every day activities along with specific recommendations about whether or not you should follow up with a health care provider
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Being less scheduled after school makes parenting more fun, and that's good for your kids.