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Focusing on a task for any length of time isn’t easy. Helping your child learn to Focus is a very important life skill. Here are …

The role of Chief Robotic Officer (CRO) is one of the fastest growing roles in the tech world. But when and why do you need one and how do they fit into your C-suite?

Ease your stress and depression with these healing foods that will keep you focused, balanced, and ready to conquer anything.

Distracted driving increases your risk of a car accident. Read these distracted driving statistics and learn about driving distractions from Travelers.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the world's largest business accelerator for startup firms in the optics, photonics, and imaging (OPI) industries,

Menlo Systems GmbH has launched a next-generation optical clock into space for a 10-min journey. The payload consisted of two separate units, a f

1.) How long have you been working with At Your Service?  Almost 3 months!  2.) Where did you grow up? Potomac, Maryland 3.) What’s your Alma Mater?  New England College 4.) If you had to work in any other industry, which would it be and why? Sports industry. &nb

Summertime is here. Is your lawn ready to light up this season? Learn how to make the best of your outdoor lighting with this blog by TFC Electric.

The sun is rising on a new day at St. Mary's First Nation, according to new chief Allan (Chicky) Polchies Jr.

Every runner has long runs during their training, but how fast should you be running them? Here's a look at why slower may be better.

Looking for a hardworking light source for your kitchen that offers both function and form? Try kitchen pendant lighting. With a variety of applications and plenty of style options, kitchen pendant lights shine with beauty and practicality.

Dreaming of a budget-friendly beach destination for your summer trip? Check out this list of 12 cheap beach vacations right here in the U.S. that won't break the bank!

For much of the country, the weather has begun to change and warm up so that children are starting to play outside more often. We all know the importance of spending time being active, and there is no better place for this than the outdoors. For parents, this

Executive Limousines is a proud member of the National Limousine Association, and our owner Douglas Schwartz is the former President of the Long Island Limo Association. In other words, we know a thing or two about providing the excellent service that you demand!
Based out of Bellmore, New York, we…

Looking for unique vacation ideas that are affordable, off the beaten path, and don't have a ton of tourists? Make your summer vacation a trip to remember with these awesome vacation spots!

Plan an event with a view at these rooftop bars, lounges, and pools for summer events. The late spring and summer are ideal times for rooftop events. From garden-inspired roofs to sports bars and spaces adjacent to pool decks, here are outdoor venues from across the United States with skyline views, beach views, and more.

After a long uphill battle, Virgin Galactic's new VSS Unity successfully completed its second powered flight test last week over the Mojave Desert.

A new breed of smart traffic lights is being developed that may bring an end to stop-and-go driving.

Insurers are limiting how much coverage energy companies can buy to protect themselves against a major attack by hackers, potentially leaving investors, customers and taxpayers on the hook for sizable losses. Brit Insurance, a syndicate that works with Lloyd's of London, limits cybersecurity policies to around $300

Stop Overeating & Maximize Your Results
Overeating is easy to do, especially when you’re indulging in an unusually delicious meal. It’s also easy because there are many factors that cause us to overeat, including stress and noshing too fast—both of which we likely experience or do on an almost daily basis.
Fortunately, there are many tactics you can use to stop overeating once and for all, from slowing down to learning your body’s hunger cues. Use these tips to get your eating on…