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Pooley is one of fewer than 150 100-gallon donors in Florida out of millions of donors since World War II.

We think Paychex (PAYX) is a worthwhile buy; a 3.4% yield is a good starting place for this solid divided grower, asserts Ian Wyatt</strong...

Certain types of memory loss are typical with aging. But when does forgetfulness indicate that something more serious could be occurring? Learn the details and warning signs to help loved ones, and help spread awareness of Alzheimer's Disease.

Robert Stein worked for Atlas Industries. He tore his meniscus at work and ten weeks into his recovery he saw the treating surgeon, who allegedly said that Stein would not be released from work until August 10th. Stein admitted that the surgeon gave him a release slip to return to work on July 20th but to do only office work until August 10th. Stein actually gave that release slip to his employer. Around the same time, the treating surgeon advised Atlas Industries that…

Suicide rates in the United States have risen nearly 30% since 1999, and mental health conditions are one of several factors contributing to suicide, a compensable workers' compensation condition. Examining state-level trends in suicide and the multiple circumstances contributing to it can inform comprehensive state suicide prevention planning
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It has been reported that during 1999–2016, suicide rates increased significantly in 44…

If it lives up to Apple's promise, the iPhone's next operating system will automatically deliver quicker and more reliable information pinpointing the

How to organize your child’s bathroom so it’s safe and easy to clean. This post may contain affiliate links. Using these links helps support my blog. Thank you! My sons are 3 and 5 years old. Both are baby proofing hackers and professional climbers. I am forever trying to keep ahead of them in …

x86 assembly doesn’t have to be scary (interactive)
Assembly programming can be intimidating for people who have never looked into it any deeper than a glance, but giving that it underpins how the computers we use work it can be helpful having context in regards to what is actually being run by the CPU
x86 PCs are impressive in that they are fully backwards compatible with the original IBM PC. All the way down to timing circuits and boot process. This is both…

According to two School Board members, Superintendent Todd Bowden says he reached a deal with the Sheriff's Office.

Syracuse, NY (WorkersCompensation.com) - New York State Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott today announced the arrest of an Oneida County trucker, who recently took a job with New York State, on charges he falsified hearing testimony, falsified documents submitted as part of his job application with the State, and defrauded the Workers’ Compensation system while receiving nearly $8,000 in insurance benefits to which he was not…

The magnitude 6.1 earthquake that struck the area early Monday damaged buildings and left many homes without water or gas.

Columbus, OH (WorkersCompensation.com) - The eight Ohioans who pleaded guilty and no contest in May to fraud-related charges against the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) include a homicide suspect, a Cincinnati bus driver who collected disability benefits while working two other jobs, and a health care provider who billed BWC for work his company didn’t perform
“Our convictions in May illustrate a range of fraud…

Sacramento, CA - Artemio Elguea was a pizza delivery driver for Pizza Hut.. His general manager was Alex Rodriguez. Elguea alleged that Rodriguez discriminated against him on the basis of his age - reducing his hours, stealing his tips, and allowing other employees (who were related to Rodriguez) to throw food at him. Elguea’s doctor placed him on medical leave for stress, and he never returned…

Use this easy tool to compare your finance and accounting staff levels to those of your peers and see where you made need to hire.

Learn about the revised Florida Early Learning and Development Standards and how they can help parents track their child’s progress by age and different domains of learning. Stay safe this summer with tips for pool and water safety, plus more. Summer also is a great time to take your child to the library. Celebrate Father’s Day and find out the important role fathers play in a child’s life.
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What is a father?
That care may mean giving you a good massage when you need it.
Strong hands give a strong massage.

Every kid grows up wanting at some moment to be a superhero, policeman, fireman, or astronaut. These were the standby responses when I was a kid. A few would wander off the reservation with doctor, nurse, teacher or athlete. That is all likely due to perspective and exposure. We perhaps better understand or desire what we can see?
As an aside, several years ago, there was an entertaining parody in which kids expressed their various desires to

Everything on the web starts as a rectangular box. You can use Clip Path and CSS Shapes to change that. Clip the shape of of the element, and make it a circl...

What Kim Kardashian, the Riverdale cast, and more wore to this summer's big night in movies.

Daytona Beach, FL – It looks like some of the victims in last week’s rollercoaster derailment at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk are poised to file a lawsuit. Central Florida law firm Morga…

Sarasota, FL (WorkersCompensation.com) -
1) OH BWC Recruits New Rx Benefits Manager
There is going to be a new pharmacy benefits manager in town for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. “…The bureau will contract with the Nashville-based Change Healthcare to manage its pharmaceutical program for injured workers starting Nov. 1, replacing Optum RX,” writes Catherine Candisky of the Columbus Dispatch. “The change is expected to…

According to a study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, almost 70 percent of women with early-stage breast cancer and an

Florida homeowners are paying the highest average property insurance rates in the nation, according to a new report from consumer researcher ValuePenguin.