Business in Golden Gate Point - Sarasota, FL

After four decades, ownership of the San Jose's booty is still disputed among salvagers, treasure hunters and the Colombian government.

Tiger Woods took the lead on Sunday at a major for the first time in nine years and lost it with one bad swing.

Mote biologist says shark is not believed to be one of five recently spotted near Sarasota County.

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In the battle of two very different sequels at the box office this weekend, Denzel Washington's action pic "The Equalizer 2" has narrowly won

This post is sponsored by NESTEA. I'm finally getting settled in Pittsburgh. After a crazy May, June is giving me a chance to get some furniture, put things in order, and generally make this new space my home. On my last trip from St. Marys, I brought over a coffee table I'm no longer using in my spare bedroom over there. The table got me thinking... As you know, for the past month or so, I've been working with NESTEA. They recently redesigned…

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Young Americans who drink are bearing the brunt of this disturbing trend, researchers say

Files show FBI thought ex-Trump adviser Carter Page was collaborating with the Russians

House Democrats' For the People' campaign pitch becomes a marketing gift for prominent Orlando attorney John Morgan

Quantum computers might sound a bit exotic and far into the future, but in reality, they are now accessible in the cloud or through emulators for everyone to write quantum code. In this tutorial, we’l

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