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The IEEE IAS ESTMP Workshop provides a forum for exchanging and advancing industry knowledge in the areas of electrical safety, engineering, project optimization, maintenance and reliability of electrical systems. The Workshop is designed to share new and innovative concepts, best practices, and lessons learned that deliver high value and stimulate innovation
Value Statement
The IEEE IAS ESTMP Workshop advances state-of-the-art knowledge and best practices to stimulate…

These movies are necessary viewing, regardless of your sexual orientation, identity, and status.

From Memorial Day, to Labor Day you have 15 weekends (count 'em!) to make the most of your summer. Check out our getaway picks — then start packing!

A very special client of ours recently celebrated 101 years of living safely and independently at home.

FL is # 1 in Aids cases. Seniors are not immune. Get the facts to protect yourself

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I take full responsibility for helping Danielle Bregoli become a cash cow.

I asked my professor to boost my grade and he said nah so I made this video, enjoy. Twitter: Hampton Instagram: Hampton_ Snapchat:Miles_hampton Vine: hampton

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Crossing time zones disrupts your body’s natural circadian rhythm (your 24-hour clock), causing you to experience symptoms of jet lag, including exhaustion, disturbed sleep patterns, headaches and indigestion. While jet lag may be an inevitable (annoyance) of traveling, there are some easy steps you can take to lessen the symptoms and start enjoying your trip
Stay hydrated. Drink water. Avoid too much caffeine or alcohol, which…

Decorating the living room can be a difficult task when you have a tight budget. Not to mention that the size of the living room is usually the most problematic...

Eaton’s Power Systems Experience Center is dedicated to furthering the education of engineers in the power management industry. See what engineers learn through training and experience at the PSEC.

This fall has been on the warmer side, but with the first snowflakes finally beginning to fall, we’ve started to get the itch to hit the slopes and maybe even catch some air. Below, we’ve compiled 5 picturesque places already snowy enough to plan a ski escape vacation. Don’t forget to bring some hot chocolate, a good book, and someone to cuddle up with and watch the snow fall next to a roaring fire
Breckenridge, CO
This former mining town at the base…

I remember the time when my son had to go through a very simple surgery when he was five years old. He was not able to breathe properly, so the doctors had to remove some extra tissue surrounding his nostril and nasal passages. During the hours and days after his surgery, my once-a-chatterbox son ha