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Female Sexuality Is a Mystifying Thing — At Least on the Internet
When it comes to porn, "lesbian sex" is everywhere, but it’s never actually for lesbians. For some reason, it’s nearly impossible to find "content" where women are having sex with women only for women.
Where do you go if you’re looking for a move or six?
I’ve gathered up tips from cis and trans queer women of different ages, races, and sexual styles. Of course, you don’t have to be a…

I see it all too often. Artwork unhung. A room undefined. Moving boxes unpacked. Furniture wayyyy too big for a space… …all in hopes for the “next move.” When I ask the client about this, the response is along the lines of: “Why put energy into the current place, when surely a move is imminent?” So …

Quick and easy fall / autumn entertaining using animal print zebra striped dishes.

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