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of 31.5 ± 15.5 (ranged, 2–57) years diagnosed with 19 primary limb lymphedema were recruited. Patients with patent lymphatic ducts on indocyanine green lymphography were indicated for LVA, whereas those without patent lymphatic ducts were indicated for VLNT. Circumferential limb measurements, body weight, episodes of cellulitis and Lymphedema Quality-of-Life (LYMQoL) questionnaire were compared between preoperatively and postoperatively
Fifteen lymphedematous limbs underwent VLNT (79%) and 4…

MYTH: "I was so scared to even say 'hospice.' I thought it meant I had to give up. Give up hope. Give up trying. Give up praying for a cure."
TRUTH: In order to receive hospice, the patient must be eligible and have an understanding that hospice focuses on comfort care (palliative), not cure. But patients and families do not have to be "ready to die" before getting the care they need and deserve. Hospice helps patients and families deal with what is…

If you don’t know who Steven Wright is, you should look up his comedy. He’s a funny man and this quote is a perfect way to begin this post about Gentle Dentistry.

Despite their relatively high risk, the yields offered by high-yield munis compared with other alternatives are lower than they have been in the past.

Hand surgeons refer to deep lacerations of the volar distal forearm as “spaghetti wrists.” Given that multiple tendons, vessels, and nerves often require repair, this injury may be intimidating. We review management of spaghetti wrists and summarize with 10 simplifying tips.

Just got back from a check up and I couldn't be more satisfied with my results.Staff is inviting and friendly, along with the Dr.'s. I can read and see far...

At HCR ManorCare, we care for people nationwide but a single principle within Our Vision binds them together—we are dedicated to providing the highest quality health care services. We research, evaluate, train and implement the care programs that work toward the highest practicable level of well-being for our patients and residents. The footprint may be large, 30 states across the U.S., but instilling our proven care…

Untreated spondylolysis can weaken the vertebra so much that it is unable to maintain its proper position in the spine.

Want to know everything about dynamic stretching in comparison to traditional static stretching? Which is better for improving flexibility? for reducing risk of injury? what about for improving performance? Find what the science says and decide if dynamic stretching is something you should be doing.

As the holidays approach, we think of all the gifts that we want to get for others. Shopping, running around, thinking what might be special for that loved one, it’s often stressful trying to find just the right thing. You could easily feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you might begin to feel that you’re giving too much to others, and don’t have anything left for yourself. Especially during this time of year, you can feel an emptiness or possibly a sense of meaninglessness
As humans,…

Hello Friend
Just in time for the holidays! Wow this year has gone by so fast!! What are you doing for the holidays? My favorite thing is not the gift exchanges, it's the time I get to spend with all my favorite people. We make food, we hang out, and we have seemingly hours of time to just relax. There's no other time of year when I have so much time for chilling. This year I want to give you a special gift…

To make life’s transitions smoother, you can see a family dentist in Santa Rosa that knows how to handle dental care at all life stages

With all the hectic activities during the holidays, don’t forget to use up your dental plan benefits before the end of the year

As much as you look forward to the joy of the holiday season, this time of year can become overwhelming with feelings of pressure, disappointment or unhappiness
Take action!
Don’t sit and mope or isolate yourself. Take the initiative. Call someone and go out or invite a friend in to see you. Don’t wait for others to meet your needs. Reach out, even when you feel like brooding. Try to contact someone with whom you have lost touch…it may make his or her…

Whether it's to look and feel your best for your holiday social events or recover in time for summer, the holiday season is usually a plastic surgeon's busiest time of the year.

New study hopes to make it possible for a physician examining a patient to predict future joint condition and possible development of osteoarthritis.

As much as you look forward to the joy of the holiday season, this time of year can become overwhelming with feelings of pressure, disappointment or unhappiness. Below are two coping mechanisms that will help you survive the holiday blues
Don't do it all!
Give yourself a break when preparing for the holidays. Prioritize what really needs to be done and allow time for yourself and the freedom to be less than perfect.
Plan activities!
If a group is spending time with you,…

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The County of Sonoma has issued a report documenting the objectives, public response, lessons learned, and analysis of core capabilities resulting from the Sonoma County Operational Area Alert and Warning Functional Exercises conducted on September 10 and 12, 2018.

largest manufacturer of Large Volume Low Pressure saline nasal irrigation systems in the world. Most comprehensive nasal rinse kit with natural ingredients. Treat symptoms of allergies, sinusitis, hayfever and rhinitis. Safe, simple, affordable, drug free, effective and natural.

By becoming a We Honor Veterans (WHV) Partner, Heartland Hospice is able to recognize the unique needs of America’s Veterans and their families as well as learn how to accompany and guide Veterans through their life stories toward a peaceful ending. There are four levels of partnership that a hospice can achieve; to get started, a hospice must first enroll as a Recruit to become oriented and commit to the WHV program
Hospices can achieve the next level of the WHV program by…

Heartland Hospice is a proud member of the We Honor Veterans (WHV) program. TheWHV program was launched by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help improve the care veterans receive from hospice and palliative care providers as all wars are different and provide unique experiences and often difficulties for the Veterans who served in them.
NHPCO provides resources for hospices to participate because:

From injury prevention to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries, the SRO team specializes in the evaluation and management of injuries and illnesses that affect physically active people at all competitive levels.

Swim Classes Cancelled Today
Due to poor air quality swim classes have been suspended today. Tennis classes may be suspended as well-please contact Jack at 530-262-2072 for details.
We apologize for the late notice as our email server was down all morning.
Please use caution when exercising outdoors today.
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A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, reduces wrinkle lines, improves frown lines, raises sagging eyebrows, and places the eyebrows in a youthful position.

Panelists at the MedCity Engage conference in San Diego agreed that a growing shortage of mental health professionals mean that technology has a key role to play in improving behavioral health treatment.