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In a world where clean energy keeps winning, expanding exponentially, and creating good jobs, President Trump continues to keep his head in the sand -- or rather, in the coal dust. Here's why coal isn't coming back.

The respite from last year’s record hurricane season was too short and unsettled for residents from Houston to San Juan. And now it’s almost over.

Using the annual gift exclusion can be an effective way of transferring wealth during your lifetime to the people you love.

Job search can be stressful; here are tips for using your professional experience to help your children navigate the job market.

‘GLOW,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Nailed It,’ and more!

Little Baby Fun Learning Colors for Children with Soccer Popsicle's Shower Bath 3D Kids Educational Subscribe Here By Following Below Link : goo.gl/q...

The following is a public service announcement for Safe Boating Week: Thursday
...Thunderstorm Safety
The following is a safe boating message from the National Safe Boating Council and the National Weather Service
Thunderstorms can be a mariner's worst nightmare. They can develop quickly and create dangerous wind and wave conditions. Thunderstorms can bring shifting and gusty winds, lightning, waterspouts, and torrential downpours which can turn a…

Used motor oil should be re-refined and recycled to cut back on crude oil demand and protect our environment.

The expenses listed for Pruitt appear to surpass the $5,000 limit set by Congress for redecoration costs, but the EPA says otherwise.

When people hear Pinot Noir….chances are good that Sonoma County comes to mind. But… Do you know what grape varietals are most widely grown in Sonoma? Since the popularity of the movie …

Every five weeks, the country adds the equivalent of London’s entire fleet to its streets

Check out my September 2018 Icelandic Horse Muster tour at www.mattgranger.com/iceland LINKS Rent from LPTG: geni.us/LPTG & use GEAROUT15 for 1...