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Note: Each year the president of Thomas Aquinas College hosts a dinner on the Wednesday before Commencement as a chance for members of the faculty and staff to bid farewell to the graduating class. The president, dean, and assistant dean all speak to the Seniors and, customarily, the Seniors present a gift to the College. Below are text and audio of President Michael F. McLean’s remarks and a photographic slideshow from this year’s dinner.

On Wednesday, as members of the Senior Class completed their last final examination, they greeted one another with hugs and congratulations on the academic quadrangle. After all arrived — and despite the unseasonably cool weather — they then headed down to the campus ponds for the traditional celebratory swim: [slideshow = Senior Pond-Jumping 2017]

In a longstanding tradition, the younger classes at Thomas Aquinas College take turns each spring bidding farewell to the soon-to-be-departing seniors. [slideshow = Junior-Senior Dinner 2017] Last Saturday evening the juniors had their opportunity, hosting a reception and dinner for the Class of 2017 on the Chapel plaza, followed by a dance behind St. Gladys Hall.

Two pilots and an aircrewman were rescued after a military helicopter accident near Guam. The exact cause of the accident is currently under investigation.

A woman was killed in a fatal hit-and-run accident Sunday evening in Oceanside. Anyone with more information about the driver can call the Oceanside police.

A 27-year-old motorcyclist was decapitated in a freak accident in San Bernardino. A collision minutes prior caused a telephone pole to snap.

Most states require drivers to have auto insurance, but what that insurance covers can vary from state to state, policy to policy, and even person to person. The result is you could think your insurance covers something it doesn’t, and this list helps separate fact from fiction.