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Sybrina Fulton, an African-American mother who became a social justice activist after the 2012 fatal shooting of her son, Trayvon Martin, is running for political office in Florida.

When feudal Japan's most powerful warlord, Oda Nobunaga, met Yasuke, a black slave-turned-retainer in 1581, he thought he was divine.

Every company can point to a hire or two -- or several -- gone wrong, but you shouldn't let specific experiences cause you to generalize unfairly when weighing new job applicants.

The state's new abortion law would force physicians to choose between doing their jobs and breaking the law. But for now, their doors are still open.

Koons' previous record was beaten by Hockney last year, when Portrait of an Artist sold for just over $90m

The night before the Western Australian state election in 2013, a group of friends sat around discussing how they would vote.

Mark Moore Fine Art is proud to present artist JOSH AZZARELLA’s new body of work in an exclusive ARTSY online exhibition on view through July 7, 2019. In this new series of photo-based works,…