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Connected home technology is here, but without a uniform platform to operate on, it largely remains a fantasy.

By 2025, you could be commuting to work in this flying car that takes off and lands like a helicopter. No pilot's license required, just five hours of training.

What smartphones and apps have done to connect people to the Internet wherever they go, emerging new technologies will soon connect seemingly every other object in your life (even the most nonelectronic in nature) to the Web. It’s a weird phrase you’ll hear a lot this year: the Internet of Things.

Thanks to inexpensive computing, sensors, robotics, big data and cellular connectivity, cities are increasingly going high tech.

Comfort matters. Here are five cozy workstations designed for the 21st century worker.

The house is in the heart of what is surely the weirdest and most wonderful neighborhood in Indiana.

The 1962 cartoon sitcom 'The Jetsons' may not have been on target with its flying cars, but it featured a lot of tech predictions that came true and will soon be surpassed by the booming Internet of Things.

Like the jet packs that propelled George Jetson, modern technology will lift procurement – and the organizations that embrace it – to new heights.

The 2062-set cartoon is celebrating its 50th anniversary. See how our modern world stacks up to the one the Jetsons imagined.

How has smart technology evolved compared to The Jetson’s predictions? Find out in this post.

Your future smart home will be fully web-connected, but it won't look as stark and robotic as you'd think.

High-tech toilets are the ultimate in convenience and comfort, with a host of features worthy of the most sophisticated, tech-savvy home.

Tennessee's AutoXLR8R program in Spring Hill's former Saturn car plant proves there can be automotive industry innovators anywhere.

We were promised flying cars. Remember when we were promised a future that looked like the Jetsons with pushbutton meals and a robot in every home? Technology was going to solve our problems and simplify our lives in ways we could only imagine. Marketing was promised similar advances. One of the saving graces of marketing …

I always wonder how my grandparents saw the future. I am currently living in the world they dreamed of but is it how they envisioned? In the 1950s, did t...

Nov 13, 2018 | 4:00 pm
Sunday at Pinball Expo is pretty much a “nothing” day except for the Flipout Tounrmanet Final rounds. Everyone else packs it in to head home. You will see how empty it is at the start of this video, where die-hard pinball enthusiasts like myself have lined up to play The Jetsons pinball game.
Starring International Pinball Sensations, Koi Morris, Gene X, Jeff Teolis, Alberto Santana

Before Pittsburgh built the much-maligned Three Rivers Stadium, the city considered a plan to build a futuristic stadium on top of a river.

Southern California Edison recently unveiled its ABC Green Home in Irvine to crowds eager to see its eco-friendly design and sophisticated gadgetry.The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house -...