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Everyone wants an iPhone. Or do they? New research on what's fueling your employees' gadget-envy.

From the Thighmaster and Shake Weight to anti-aging miracle elixirs, the health and fitness industry is saturated with products promising big results with little effort. Six-pack abs in 60 seconds? Only in your dreams. Shoes that tone your legs and butt? Better keep on walking. That's not to say all gadgets are a waste of your time (and money)....

Don't let your children laze on the couch all summer. Here are our favorite kid-friendly fitness gadgets to get your kiddos outside to have fun in the sun.

Travel gadgets take up a lot of room. Here are four that are small, lightweight, and give plenty of storage space for your photos.

Hitting the road is now more comfortable and connected than ever with these genius road trip gadgets.

I have many connected screens in my life, and they are all built to deliver me an endless flow of information, entertainment, and distraction. But recently I spent a little time with the EO1, the...

It may seem like a paradox, but sometimes you have to spend a little money to save a lot of green. Investing in just a few little upgrades like energy-efficient lighting, energy usage monitors, and handy kitchen helpers can help shave dollars off your energy and grocery bills. Take a look through this list of smart buys and consider picking one up for your home. Your wallet just may end up thanking you.

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…a simple idea with an even simpler approach…
I live in a small apartment and I own several small devices that are...

These free desktop gadgets help you keep an eye on system resources, networking, component status, battery level, and more

In an excerpt from Designing for Touch, Josh Clark looks at how thumbs and fingers change our interactions with handheld devices.

Think that you can't set up a smart home because you live in an apartment or rent your home? Think again.

There are some things you just shouldn't bring on a plane: smelly cheese, inappropriate clothing, porn. But gadgets that annoy, intrude upon others, or foster in-flight conflict are at the very top of the list. Here are seven that should be prohibited—but, at least for now, they're still all too common in planes around the world
The Knee Defender
I've said it before : Use of the Knee Defender , a gadget that prevents plane seats from reclining, shouldn't be permitted. The Knee…

Considering our collective thirst to upgrade to the latest shiny gadget, it's not surprising that consumer electronics generate a nasty amount of waste—some 3.4 million tons of e-waste year. We are device-gobbling monsters who grow strong on the gleaming newness of our machines. But tossing out "old" devices creates an overlooked hazard.

They travel frequently. Yet, they might not have the latest travel gadgets shown here.

Here are several of our favorite gadgets for seniors that can contribute to a safer home environment for your friends or family members | The Senior List