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Maker beware—this delicious stuff is absolutely addicting, especially with the addition of fragrant fall pumpkin spice flavor!

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Browse Our World Market Food, World Market Brand Food. All At Affordable Prices. Click To Learn More

1:45 – 3:00 p.m. Slow Flow with Ashley R.

There really are some mismatched pairs. I am remembering a woman I saw for counseling after a breakup.

A North Dakota board that regulates private investigators and security firms is dipping into financial reserves and delaying payment of some legal bills after an expensive battle with a company

The U.S. government is trying once again to block a major climate change lawsuit days before young activists are set to argue at trial that the government has violated their constitutional rights by failing to take action climate change

In 2040, the year when the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts the planet will be irreversibly damaged by rising temperatures, Levi Draheim will be just 33.

Live music highlights for the week of Oct. 17, 2018

Shiverz A.K.A dabutcher is a Dubstep Producer/ DJ from Croydon,UK/C.E.O of the monsters & da force. With DJ Bookings stemming from all over the UK & Europe, Shiverz dabutcher is one of the mos

Get tickets to Shiverz at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz 10.20.18

The company plans to hire 100,000 seasonal workers in total, and hopes its one-day hiring blitz, known as "UPS Brown Friday," can get it part of the way there.

Joyful Memories: The First Visit demonstrates the importance of getting to know about our client’s life, musical preferences and favorite things. This famili...

It might be hard for younger generations of Americans in 2018, fifty years after Martin Luther King’s assassination, to fathom just how controversial a figure he was during his career, and particularly around the time of his death. That is because King’s image has undergone a remarkable transformation in these five decades. He and the movement he helped to lead have been absorbed into a triumphant…

8:45-10:00 a.m. Slow Flow with Ashley R.
12:30-1:15 p.m. Gentle Beginning with Ashley R.
2:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. with Rose

Whether you tend to go all out for Halloween, or keep it simple, 2018 has graced us with plenty of moments to inspire a Halloween costume for everyone.

Join the Northern California chapter of ACRP for a networking event. Meet with your colleagues and enjoy free appetizers and a no-host bar.
Appetizers will be Provided
No-Host Bar
$5 To Attend
Please Sign up to Help us with our Headcount
Parking Garage Nearby

Don't Miss the 100th Annual
Community Recognition Gala
The Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce is celebrating our 100th Annual Community Recognition Gala! You won't want to miss this year's festivities! There are still a few spots left, so register today!
Click below to see the Chamber's television ad for our 100th Annual Community Recognition Gala as featured on KION!
Gala Raffle - Have You Purchased Your Tickets Yet?
For the First Time Ever the Santa Cruz Area Chamber will have a raffle…

8:45-10:00a.m. Stretch Out & Chill Out with Roxanne G.
12:30-1:15p.m. Balanced Stretch & Flow with Victor D.
5:30-7:00p.m. Challenging Stretch, Flow & Inversion with Victor D.

For the owners of Discretion Brewing, it was never just about the beer. Their organic ales and lagers may steal the limelight, but the true purpose of their ...

In his recent Bay Area sets, the musician turned on a new audience with an aesthetic that mixes electronic dance loops and beats with traditional jazz grooves.

After decades of skepticism about Internet utopia, computer scientist and virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier is finally being heard.

Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab, a health and wellness center based in Santa Cruz and Watsonville santacruzcore.com In this video meet our member, Tom...

Nonpartisan election guide. Find your ballot with key information on candidates and measures.

As a complement to OFRF's Organic Farming and Soil Health Guidebooks, this series will highlight soil health research and practices specific to the Western Region. The goal is to address the need for region-specific resources and knowledgeable Extension services related to organic soil health, biology, nutrient cycling, and more
Dr. Mark Schonbeck of OFRF will be joined by experts in the Western Region to review the…