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A tech-driven concentration of talent since the 1980s has helped the rich get richer. But it has also sharpened an urban-rural divide that, some say, threatens growth. Columnist Christopher Mims explores the phenomenon

This is the awkward moment an ABC newsreader snaps at her hairstylist live on air for crashing her segment.

Apple has signed a deal with DHX Media that will see the Canadian broadcaster producing new shows, specials and short films about Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang. That includes exclusive short-form content for Apple

Happy Friday! I hope you are gearing up for a weekend full of ugly sweater parties, festive decorating, and guilt-free sugar binges.

Pharma giant Eli Lilly is expanding its partnership with Evidation Health to gather mHealth data from wearables and smartphones to help in designed new digital therapeutic platforms.

Subscribe today to connect with Silicon Valley Chinese Innovators! 敬请直击订阅! Ding Ding TV is the first Chinese American Internet TV, Silicon Valley Innovation ...

Subscribe today to connect with Silicon Valley Chinese Innovators! 敬请直击订阅! Ding Ding TV is the first Chinese American Internet TV, Silicon Valley Innovation ...

Subscribe today to connect with Silicon Valley Chinese Innovators! 敬请直击订阅! Ding Ding TV is the first Chinese American Internet TV, Silicon Valley Innovation ...

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Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Modifying Your List of Recently Viewed Files
You may know that the keyboard shortcut Alt+F reveals your list of most recently used files
You can press Alt+T+O to show the dialog box to modify your list of viewable files.
If you are using Excel version 2003 or before:
• In the Options dialog box, click the General tab.
• In the Settings area, make sure a checkbox is next to “Recently used file list”.
• Enter or scroll for…

Our success is your success. We’ve be rewarding investors since 1924.

User Wesley Moore shows us how to get Stardew Valley up and running on FreeBSD. Moore credits oshogbo’s post earlier with helping him get Stardew Valley to work properly, among other games. See the link below for the full set of instructions. In, A Year Away From Mac OS, I wrote about my switch to …

For more information, visit: info.lumasenseinc.com/glass-apps This video explains how LumaSense temperature sensors can help optimize efficiency and ...

At University Art 2601 J Street, Sacramento, CA
Tree species have very individual personalities and aspens are perhaps one of the most extraordinary. This free acrylic lecture/demo will show how to capture the beautiful characteristics of aspen trees. The luminous colors, distinctive bark and linear stature of aspens make them so unique. This demonstration offers an opportunity to rejuvenate your color sense with the familiar hues…

IPsoft’s blog for advanced AI discussion. It’s where we discuss how industry leading solutions like the digital colleague Amelia and the autonomic framework 1Desk are reimagining business, technology and the world.

The board of directors of Abbott (NYSE: ABT) today increased the company's quarterly common dividend to 32 cents per share, marking a 14 percent increase. This marks the 380th consecutive...

The financial crisis of 2008 has left the banking industry stranded in terms of reputational damage. Since then, the industry is striving to imbibe compliance within the IT systems and is rapidly innovating to serve the new generation. The banks are focused at redefining the value they would want to provide for their customers during this phase of change
The banking industry is currently passing through…

The massive 2018 farm bill headed to President Trump's desk includes provisions to increase support to telemedicine programs aimed at substance abuse and broadband expansion.

Lupin beans have long been a popular snack in Mediterranean countries and in South America, and they’re also used as an ingredient in many food products. Is Scotland ready to embrace the latest plant-based protein alternative that has potential to grow domestically?

An award-winning Arizona newspaper publisher and his wife are locked in a bizarre divorce case that has morphed into something more: a journalism ethics saga.

Syniverse's Tampa office helped redesign the landscaping and create a butterfly garden for a community center.

The curious case of George Duke-Cohan, Huawei's CFO finds herself in hot water, and the crazy world of mobile phone mental health apps.

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

It was a year dominated by news of political appointments and departures, controversial policies for migrant families, sports victories and devastating natural disasters. In between, there were countless stories of individuals and moments, captured by a photographer's eye. Of the two million images WSJ editors looked through this year, these are the most striking photos of the year.

A slew of venture capitalists known for high-profile exits — Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures, Keith Rabois of Khosla Ventures, Alfred Lin of Sequoia Capital and Alex Taussig of Lightspeed Venture Partners — have invested in Faire (formerly

As defenders we must succeed at protecting everything, while attackers need only succeed once. But with defense in depth, we can protect from data breaches by creating an intruder's dilemma - the intruder must succeed multiple times to penetrate the network.

Let’s discuss what geo-targeting is, how to develop killer Facebook ads for your salon, and fill up your calendar with the right customers.