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This article explains some of the lesser-known advantages of setting up a trust fund.

The automotive space is finding new and exciting ways to utilize the burgeoning technology that is Blockchain

Demand, positive demographic drivers and job growth point to a healthy state of affairs for the U.S. multifamily market, according to a new market analysis compiled by Yardi Matrix reports
“We expect U.S. rent growth will remain moderate overall, led by growing Southern and Western metros in which supply growth has not gotten too far ahead of demand,” states the report
Supply deliveries nationwide are beginning…

It's tempting to not get too worked up about inflation and its impact on your retirement plan. After all, CPI has been running at a fairly benign level of less than 2% for the better part of a decade. And in any case, how could such innocuous little numbers like 2% or 3% make a big difference in the

Incorporate a business, form an llc, or start a business of any structure with the corporate filings experts at Corpnet. Business license and registration services available. Call 1-888-449-2638.

Investing is a skill every woman should possess. At some point in their lives, 90 percent of women will be single, divorced or widowed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and therefore entirely responsible for their finances….

In Chantilly, France, Dior’s 2019 Cruise proceeded despite the weather. Hosted at the Domaine de Chantilly, a set of French stables, the models who bravely strutted their stuff were doing so in the…

Points are fees used paid to “buy down” rates on your mortgage. Here are five reasons we don't recommend paying discount points to lower your rate.

Digital transformation dominates business strategy, web and mobile development demand is booming. Speed and agility are more important than ever before.

There's been a loosening of mortgage qualifying guidelines in the past year, according to a study by CoreLogic of loans that qualify to be sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

One of the key differentiators that comes up repeatedly in executive leadership assessments is executive presence. However, when pressed for more specific behavioral feedback, most stakeholders struggle to clearly describe what is present or missing. In fact, the definition of executive presence has often been myste...

“What is the mind?” This is a fundamental question that all practitioners of energy psychology need to answer. For that matter, anyone engaged in the business of helping people with emotiona…

Maryann's review of P&G Chem-Dry. Hard to see/find the difficult spot of grease from dining room chair and yellow sofa is bright again.

Florence's review of P&G Chem-Dry. P&G Chem-Dry is an excellent company. They are responsive to my calls and are easy to schedule with. The cleaners...

Negotiating home price when you’re buying a home isn’t just about the price you offer. It’s also about respecting the home sellers and being nice.

Hi! I am Tim Timperman, Managing Partner at Providit, and we use the OutSystems low-code platform to build all our online applications. Today, I challenged myself to build an app in a day. As the 2018 FIFA World Cup is ongoing, I decided to spend just eight working hours to build a mobile app named ‘Tim’s World Cup’. My objective was to build a basic app for all soccer fans. What do you think? Did I succeed? Is it really possible to build…

The singer is selling his three-bedroom penthouse in Soho for $7.995 million.

Do you feel frustrated when your customers cancel at the last minute or just don’t show up at all? You’re not alone. Studies show that average no-show rates can be as high as 30%, depending on your…

Hines and Sentio Investments have formed a new partnership, specializing in senior living and other healthcare real estate assets
“We feel the macroeconomic and demographic trends provide a compelling opportunity to invest in healthcare assets,” says Sherri Schugart, CEO of the Core Fund, REIT and BDC Group of Hines
The partnership will bring together the real estate and capital markets expertise of Hines and the healthcare…

Greystone has held a $750 million close for its Greystone Senior Debt Opportunity Fund
The fund is managed by Greystone’s affiliate investment adviser and includes several institutional and large public pension fund investors. The eight-year fund invests in debt financing across a range of commercial real estate properties
With leverage, the fund anticipates an investment capacity in excess of $2.5 billion for loan products such as…

Make sure you're aware of these four tricks that lenders may use when quoting rates to buyers. Buyer beware and don't be mislead by incorrect rate quotes!

Learn what inspectors look for during a home inspection. If you're buying, this will help you understand the process. If you're selling, you'll know what to fix before your home goes on the market.

In most American households, any talk about gastrointestinal, or gut, health has been reserved for our innermost ramblings (e.g. “Is this okay? Am I dying?”), and, of course, our Google search hist…

US bond returns are now negative over the past 2 years. The last time that happened was 1981. While there will likely be bumps along the way, I don’t think it will take another 37 years before we see another negative rolling 2 year return, do you? If not, it’s a good time to be thinking about how to

Storm clouds could be building for the housing industry, even with starts of new construction rising in May to the highest in more than a decade.

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

New business models, new revenue flows, and radical new cost structures are redrawing industry structures. Learn about the leadership that puts them to work., Center for the Future of Work,CFOW,millennial workforce,work trends and dynamics,growth of

(by Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP) Last week, another milestone in the scientific study of energy psychology was reached when a meta- analysis of EFT studies was published. The title of the article is…

Even though she’d seen other healings in her family, this teen author found it hard to turn to prayer first when problems came up … until a healing proved to her that God really is the best place to go for help.

(by Cynthia Joba, MA) There are times when what initially looks like an obstacle or an obstruction isn’t that at all. I’d like to share three small stories from my day yesterday. Story …

OutSystems today published its fifth annual research report on the state
of application development and the challenges faced by application
development and delivery teams. The
State of Application Development, 2018 (How IT Is Responding to Digital
Disruption and Innovation) unveils detailed survey results from over
3,500 IT professionals in all industries across the world.

Organizations worldwide see blockchain as a significant force for their business and industry, and are well on their way to developing a strategy, with an eye on reducing operating costs, automating key business processes and enhancing trust and transparency, our latest study reveals.