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Got enterprise-scale cross-platform mobile development needs? Eight vendors offer tools that cater to legacy systems, nuanced integration, and big backlogs. Learn the nuts and bolts of each to determine which best suits your organization.

Sci-Fi has fed our imaginations for decades with thought-provoking ideas and what-ifs. Though their focus is the future, the most popular have some very present takeaways that are applicable to both citizen and professional developers - and high productivity.

You ask Alexa for Slade, and she recommends Katy Perry. This all-too-common voice-assistant scenario might soon be uncommon. Advances in machine-learning and AI and improvements in voice recognition are changing the game.

2015 Lexus GS featuring Driver Airbag, Second Row Side Airbag, Electrochromic Interior Rearview Mirror. Click here for detailed information and to view our entire inventory of Used Cars.

2013 Ford Escape featuring Power Windows, Daytime Running Lights, AM/FM radio. Click here for detailed information and to view our entire inventory of Used SUVs.

One of the primary differences between for-profit and nonprofit organizations is that you can easily work on your own in a for-profit business. A barber can set up a one-chair shop. An accountant can work from an office at home, or a mechanic can get by with a shade tree and a set of tools. Not so with the nonprofit. It’s designed to bring people together, united in a common purpose. Every nonprofit must be overseen by a board of directors. Choose them…

2014 Toyota Prius c featuring Cruise control, Rear Spoiler, Front Side Airbag. Click here for detailed information and to view our entire inventory of Used Hatchbacks.

As an entrepreneur, Mark Meyuhas has long relied on meditation to help maintain balance in his life.

Titan Fund Management, a vertically integrated real estate developer, has raised $100 million for Titan Development Real Estate Fund I. The milestone comes just seven months after the fund’s launch in October of 2017
TDREF I was established to invest equity in approximately $600 million of Titan Development’s existing pipeline as well as other opportunities. The 22-project pipeline creates a ‘hybrid-direct’ investment opportunity that promotes swift…

The City of Los Angeles’ Municipal Facilities Committee has recommended a public-private partnership (PPP) for the development of a new civic center, according to MegaProject. The cost of construction, operation and maintenance of the projected building is projected to be between $915 million and $945 million
The estimated 27- to 29-story tower will be located on the site of the Parker Center and will host office…

Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Board has committed a total of $125 million to four core-plus real estate funds, according to board meeting documents. The pension fund committed $50 million to PGIM Real Estate’s PRISA II, and $25 million each to Prologis Targeted U.S. Logistics Fund, Invesco U.S. Income Fund and Lion Industrial Trust fund
PRISA II is an open-end fund that invests in completed investment-grade…

This article provides advice on how to start a personal financial plan for the first time.

Beware of the get lucky genius who catches a hot market, attributes their success to their own genius, burns bridges, and usually crashes and burn.

Consider the ruling's impact on your future compliance and potential prior-period exposure.

By Joy Bender What better way to invest your money than snatching up your dream vacation home? If you think you're ready to purchase a second home, don't rush into it. Read this guide to ensure it's ...

I’m no stranger to getting my hair bleached and dyed. When I was in high school, I experimented with DIY bleach and pink streaks in my hair. With the resurgence of fantasy hair, itR…

It's tempting to not get too worked up about inflation and its impact on your retirement plan. After all, CPI has been running at a fairly benign level of less than 2% for the better part of a decade. And in any case, how could such innocuous little numbers like 2% or 3% make a big difference in the

Investing is a skill every woman should possess. At some point in their lives, 90 percent of women will be single, divorced or widowed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and therefore entirely responsible for their finances….

In Chantilly, France, Dior’s 2019 Cruise proceeded despite the weather. Hosted at the Domaine de Chantilly, a set of French stables, the models who bravely strutted their stuff were doing so in the…

Points are fees used paid to “buy down” rates on your mortgage. Here are five reasons we don't recommend paying discount points to lower your rate.

One of the key differentiators that comes up repeatedly in executive leadership assessments is executive presence. However, when pressed for more specific behavioral feedback, most stakeholders struggle to clearly describe what is present or missing. In fact, the definition of executive presence has often been myste...

Maryann's review of P&G Chem-Dry. Hard to see/find the difficult spot of grease from dining room chair and yellow sofa is bright again.

Florence's review of P&G Chem-Dry. P&G Chem-Dry is an excellent company. They are responsive to my calls and are easy to schedule with. The cleaners...