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Kerry's review of P&G Chem-Dry. Carpet was cleaned and looked great.

W's review of P&G Chem-Dry. I have used P&G Chem-Dry for over 30 years! The two things I like the most, the service is very good and the product...

Angela's review of P&G Chem-Dry. Have been using P&G Chem Dry for years. Service is wonderful and quality of work great as well.

By Brentnie Daggett The holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones, and for many, this means traveling. There are certain precautions you should take whenever you leave your home for a...

FCP, a privately held real estate investment company, has held a $755 million final close for FCP Realty Fund IV
The fourth fund in the realty fund series targets multifamily and commercial property opportunities throughout the eastern United States and Texas. Fund IV, when fully invested, is expected to accommodate approximately $2.5 billion of total investments. FCP has already closed on one investment through Fund IV…

Aermont Capital, a real estate and real estate–related asset management business based in London, has held a €2 billion ($2.3 billion) final close for its fourth European real estate fund, Aermont Capital Real Estate Fund IV, hitting its hard‐cap
Aermont takes an operator‐oriented approach in its investing, emphasizing large complex investments that offer long‐term value creation opportunities for the associated assets and businesses
Investors in Fund…

(by Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP) Have you ever tried to explain to an old-fashioned therapist or doctor how energy psychology (EP) can permanently remove the effects of a significant traumatic incid…

(By Lorna Minewiser, PhD, CEHP) I am part of a group of EFT practitioners who are introducing EFT to veterans on a community college campus. Most of the veterans are young and recently enrolled in …

Nothing turns a happy chef into a frazzled one like searching through drawers or disassembling the kitchen to dig out the necessary tools.

Nahla Capital, a New York–based real estate private equity firm, has sold a 30-property multifamily portfolio for $260 million. The properties total 400 units and are all located in San Francisco
An undisclosed buyer acquired the assets
Potential regulatory changes and the multifamily construction pipeline are driving Bay Area multifamily market sentiment, according to Marcus & Millichap. Amid several potential legal and political changes in the…

Are you prepared for your parents’ care as they age? Read on for tips on living arrangements and other decisions to make their lives easier.

Brookdale Senior Living News provides news and perspectives about the senior living company and serves as a resource for reporters as well as informational blogs and news stories geared toward associates, residents and future residents.

Despite the benefits of artificial intelligence – there is one big reason why we will not see A.I. employed in the mortgage industry.

Brookdale Senior Living News provides news and perspectives about the senior living company and serves as a resource for reporters as well as informational blogs and news stories geared toward associates, residents and future residents.

Salon using software rather than traditional techniques are highly considered by everyone. Now let's discuss some of the well-renowned Spa POS software with

We are a premier safety training and safety consulting company that offers customized classroom training, on-site training, and online training services.

83-year-old John Pinter, who has emphysema and uses a cane, walked nearly a mile Tuesday to cast his vote in Cedarburg.

October turned out to be a brutal month for stocks causing a lot of technical damage as you can see when you look under the hood of the indexes at individual stocks. So many have begun to rollover after forming longer term topping patterns, a precursor and setup for potential bigger declines. A good

“What is the mind?” This is a fundamental question that all practitioners of energy psychology need to answer. For that matter, anyone engaged in the business of helping people with emotiona…

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

(by Cynthia Joba, MA) There are times when what initially looks like an obstacle or an obstruction isn’t that at all. I’d like to share three small stories from my day yesterday. Story …

The magic words are “Polyvagal Theory”. If you know the magic words you are going to want to watch this dialogue with Stephen Porges, a world-class neuroscientist who is familiar with and friendly …

Customers want assurance that their choice of any product is the best. As such, sellers have to assure them that whatever they're buying will last lon...

So what will the real estate industry look like, if certain technologies take off? Eight members share their perspectives.

Employee analytics is based on the philosophy that mission-driven companies with a clear vision and a shared set of values perform best. Likewise, employees who have a purpose and feel valued are much more likely to be happier and perform better. So

Pricing is not transparent in the mortgage industry. We are now one of the few full-service mortgage banks that will post all of our rates on our website upfront.

How Can I Manage The Challenges I’m Facing As A Safety Leader? 2018-10-29 2018-10-29 www.hazmatschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/hazmat-school-logo-final.pngHazmat School www.hazmatschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/hazardous-waste-management-certification-training.jpg200px200px
There are many challenges in the safety industry, and working professionals often have to adapt to reduce the risk of injury and stay compliant with regulations
To help keep workers safe, safety leaders and management are responsible for fire protection, emergency management, security, and more. But what are some…