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A needed breakthrough for Zika virus prevention could be on the way. A vaccine for the mosquito-borne disease is undergoing clinical trials at two universities. The potential vaccine uses a live, attenuated form of Zika and could work with a person's DNA to prevent various forms of the virus.

The court's ruling this summer left open the larger question of whether religious beliefs can justify discrimination against LGBT Americans.

Dr. Michael Holick, a Boston University endocrinologist, almost singlehandedly created the vitamin D sales and testing industry, and the industry has paid him handsomely.

The non-profit Invisible Histories Project has gathered volumes of information about gay life in Alabama, including decades-old directories of gay-friendly businesses, activist T-shirts, records from gay-rights groups and rainbow-themed material.

"It undermines our efforts when members of the public don't see their elected leaders in Congress reacting with more fury," said Brian Fallon, a former Schumer aide.

It’s our conscious biases and decision making skills that interfere with the natural ability to detect deception. Here are the nonverbal clues that can reveal someone isn’t telling the truth.

Approximately 41 percent of men and 30 percent of women say social media influencers affect their purchase decisions, according to new research cited by eMarketer — and an average of 32.5 percent of Millennials say they’ve changed their views in the past year as a result of social posts in general, signaling the impact of … Continue reading Do Influencer Posts Really Change Consumers’ Minds?

In this article, we're bring you some tips from the best-known growth hacking experts including Sean Ellis, Nir Eyal etc.

People are usually surprised when I tell them that I first landed in Dubai in 1988. That gave me a front seat to all of the UAE's boom, I sa...

Metal, wood and concrete were used to revamp a 1960s building near Facebook's main campus to house a cafe and leasable office spaces.

NEW YORK (AP) — A former Silicon Valley CEO is taking the helm of a prominent organization dedicated to the promotion of women in the workplace, saying the #MeToo era is a "fantastic time" to champion gender equality. Lorraine Hariton becomes CEO of the group Catalyst at time when sexual misconduct scandals are ensnaring corporate executives, and the departure of PepsiCo's CEO highlighted the tiny number…

A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed bill that could ban California sales of many personal care products is awaiting consideration by the Assembly. SB 1249 (Galgiani; D-Stockton) jeopardizes hundreds of thousands of California manufacturing, distribution and retail

Data breaches and hacks are often unavoidable, but security experts say there are some everyday habits that put consumers even more at risk.

Big Y has made a major donation to local animal shelters as part of pet month. Every store got to pick their own local charity to receive the donations. Customers and employees made additional donations.

Let’s face it, nobody really learns from their successes like they do from their failures. When was the last time you delivered a stellar presentation, a picture-perfect pitch and reflected upon how awesome you were? Exactly. But, when you don’t

Grab your spandex tights! The GOOD ones. You’re gonna need to get limber, because Guacamelee! 2 finally comes out tomorrow, with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members! We’re thrilled to debut the launch trailer here on the PS Blog. And beyond that, a little treat — we’ll give you a peek at our process for taking story scenes from idea to implementation with some before-and-after animations
When creating each of the story moments in Guacamelee! 2, we start with the concept art…

Heading off to college this semester? Our tech experts are sharing which devices will help transform your dull dorm room into a smart one that will be the envy of everyone else on your floor. Meet your new favorite study buddy Smart speakers like the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini are perfect for the...

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