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When it comes to a feud, someone has to win, right? Or can both people involved come out the victor, at least when numbers are concerned?

Thefts from Bitcoin exchanges are so commonplace that it seems as if we are constantly waiting for the next shoe to drop. These increasingly common occurrences are leading many people to wonder whether or not investing in crypto is inherently unsafe. The answer is no, but with a few qualifiers.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program may provide a model for businesses to profitably engage in ocean

On September 28th, I will be moderating a panel on patenting diagnostic tests – and related subject matter – such as methods of medical treatment, at BIO’s annual IP & Diagnostics Symposium in Alexandria, VA. At the beginning of 2018, … Continue reading →

uBiome, a San Francisco startup that sells commercial tests that use DNA sequencing to identify what microbes are in a person's stool or, for one test, in the vagina, has raised $83 million from venture capitalists to fund an entrée into drug development.

Adidas has announced that, for the first time, the new Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers are going to be available in much higher quantities than usual.

I was once again given the opportunity be the folks at Sena to test out and review one of their Bluetooth enabled helmets, the Sena Momentum Full Face Helmet. I wanted to share my thoughts on this new helmet and provide a real-world riders review of the product: Fit and Finish: The helmet sizing guide was …

The departure of Les Moonves from CBS was close in time to the board adding three women. When Uber was in the spotlight for a culture of harassment, they added Arianna Huffington to their board. The optics of these changes are problematic, no matter how qualified the women are.

The landlord-tenant relationship is critical to successful property management, and like any relationship, a good one requires care to foster mutual respect. You want a tenant who is respectful of amenities and responsible with upkeeping tasks—changing

This breadth of investment can accelerate growth for those who live and work in Opportunity Zones while potentially drawing more businesses seeking to capitalize on accessible funding and favorable returns.

Offering MCU mini-series events on their streaming service is another example of Disney's "shoot the hostage" strategy.

Ranked No. 791 on Forbes Billionaires list, Michael Rubin closed on a $43.5 million penthouse in 160 Leroy in the West Village.

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Echoing Mozart: Discovering a Link between the Brain and Music When Gordon Shaw and Frances Rauscher published the results of their study on the relationship between music and spatial task performance in 1993, the “Mozart effect” became a popular term.... Continue Reading →

Bartlesville family is thankful for acts of kindness by Tulsa pitchers Karch Kowalczyk and Andre Scrubb during a Texas League Championship Series game at ONEOK Field.

There is no teacher like experience. To truly understand anything in life, you just have to jump in and do it. Landlording is no exception. Jumping in however leads to things you were not expecting, things that surprise you. So what surprised me? Here are five first time landlord surprises that opened my eyes.