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When you are injured in a car crash, insurance companies may offer you a quick settlement. Call 408-293-7777 to speak with a San Jose injury lawyer first.

Meet builders and creators who've found impressive success early in their careers, thanks to their fresh ideas and game-changing inventions.

Across California, the wildfires have been beyond devastating. But as Californians begin to sift through the ash and rebuild, there may be further dark news coming their way: their insurance might not be sufficient. Homeowners need to focus on loss of use provisions.

America's youngest game-changers don't need to go to the highest-ranked colleges to shine—but it doesn't hurt. Stanford University, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology top the list of schools with the most members of the Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 list.

Not Everyone Wins With The TCJA; a high percentage of individuals may be underpaid this coming April. Let’s call on President Trump to use his authority to direct the Treasury, through the IRS, to not assess underpayment penalties when taxpayers face additional tax due to the tax law change.

Evidence suggests that the emerging Generation Z is turning its collective back on social networks, or at least on social networks as we know them. It seems pretty clear that the future of social networks lies in analyzing and understanding the post-Facebook era...

Whether you have a dedicated room for an office or a seeking small space solution with multiple uses, here are five desks to upgrade your home office.

The toy category is a lot of fun these days. Toy sales are robust, an iconic retailer liquidated, retail brands are rising from the dead, new retail formats are being tested, online and offline sales are blurring, and there’s disruption everywhere in the category.

Stan Lee, who gave voice to dozens of iconic characters at the helm of Marvel Comics and became a towering cultural figure as his work came to dominate the entertainment world, died this morning in Los Angeles.

There is no one-size-fits-all with networking. Not everyone likes to connect in the same way, in the same frequency, or about the same things. For practical reasons you need to embrace different forms of networking.

CDs were supposed to be going the way of the dinosaur but it looks like there's more life in the format than most music industry insiders predicted.

Say you have a stylesheet linked up like this: But as the page loads, you're on a desktop browser where the screen is 1753px wide. The browser should just

At the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, we called it the “Meta-Moment,” taking a moment before expressing an emotion to ask yourself “What would the best version of myself do?” In Grande’s case, it seems like the best version of herself would say “I’m so f-king grateful for my ex.

Rocket Lab successfully launched its third Electron rocket from New Zealand yesterday at 10.50pm Eastern time.

Was it the drug, Vascepa, that prevented cardiac deaths? Or was part of the result due to a placebo that wasn't? "“Is this a one-off chance finding, or is it a drug that is an amazing addition to our armamentarium?”

A United States Marine gave his younger siblings quite the surprise during the Veterans Day event held at their school in Colorado.

Alibaba has notched another record sales day, but this Singles' Day—10 years after Alibaba first made 11/11 a shopping event to celebrate those still on their own—offers much more to analyze than that.

Dan Crenshaw appeared on 'Saturday Night Live' to bury the hatchet with Pete Davidson and executed a brilliant troll on his roaster.

One of the most visible aspects of direct US involvement in the Saudi invasion of Yemen has come to an end.

When you get the opportunity to peek inside the mind of a rising guitar prodigy and multi-instrumentalist, you jump on it.

Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair Mark Warner said Thursday on "Your World" that with President Trump's appointment of former Iowa federal prosecutor Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general, the probability of the Mueller probe being tampered with will increase.