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Light Natural Eyelash Extension (30-40 Lashes With Glue Application)
Light Natural Eyelash Extension With One Week Fill (30-40 Lashes With Glue Application)


'Benefits of hydrating facial: moisturizes and helps to prevent water loss in the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth. Type of microdermabrasion: diamond About crystal microdermabrasion: An esthetician moves a pen-like wand gently over your face in short, quick strokes. The wand emits a jet of super-fine crystals in an effort to break up dull, dead skin cells. Potential benefits: brighter and softer skin in the…

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One Classic Japanese Facial
Three Classic Japanese Facial
The European Facial: Concentrated Cleansing
Learn what to expect from a classic facial treatment with Groupon’s introduction to the european facial
If you’re wondering what exactly is so “European” about the european facial, consider that continent’s wealth of diversity: natives of nearly 50 independent countries speak hundreds of languages and dialects. The european facial shares the…

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6 Lipo B12 Injections
12 Lipo B12 Injections
Cool Sculpting Procedure for One Area
B12 Injections: A Nutritional Detour
For some people, B12 injections can be more effective than ingesting supplements. Read on to learn more about this crucial option for getting your vitamins
B12: a vitamin that helps maintain nerve cells and produce healthy red blood cells, which transport oxygen to body tissue.…

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One Microdermabrasion Facial
Three Groupons: Each Good for One Microdermabrasion Facial

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One Facial
Three Facials
Moisturizer: A Recipe for Supple Skin
A cocktail of different ingredients is needed to soothe dry, scaly skin. Find out how they work in Groupon’s guide to moisturizer.
Oily skin is generally considered a beauty problem—but in fact, oil is a major ingredient in making our skin look its best. A coating of natural oils secreted by the pores typically protects the outermost layer of the skin, a thin sheath of cells called the stratum corneum. But…